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: The Ramp I
Aug 6, 2007

As in the Ramp 1… of 5. I think I might do more 5 part little stories or themes to carry out the week. As far as that ramp goes… even not jumping it from the steep side it t still looks pretty daunting.

When I wrote up those 5 comics about jury duty as I was sitting waiting to be called for jury selection, I also wrote up 5 quick little comics of Wally & Osborne building a ramp to jump with their toboggan, so I’ll run them this week. I guess I wished I was with them sledding rather than sitting down there at the courthouse all day.

Sorry about my absence from the site last week, I’m just getting back into the swing of things here, that two weeks of serving as a juror in a trial was really hard on me. It was a real learning experience, but I don’t wish to ever repeat it.