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: Jury Duty V
Jul 29, 2007

Once again, jury duty continued to be tedious and draining all week. I wanted to get this comic done when I got home from jury duty on Friday, but it was just nice to get some relaxation in being freed from the courtroom for the weekend. So I’m getting it done now on Sunday… before I have to go back on Monday.

I wish court proceedings went this quickly, not even bothering to have the attorneys speak and with solid evidence. What’s interesting too is that the defendant, who is most likely accused of some horrible or violent crime, totally knows your full name, and probably even personal stuff about you since he/she is also present for your jury selection “interrogation”… and everyone leaves the courthouse through the same front door. Makes you feel all safe. 😉

I also have a guest comic running over at PVP Online today. So happy day to you if you are around the internet and looking for some comics to read on this very Sunday, a traditional comic day anyway.