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: Space Planning
Sep 21, 2006

Space planning is very important, especially when you have basically no room. That’s not necessarily what you might consider a coat-hanger per say, more of a coat hook.

Updates Vindication

Okay, so there were not five updates last week. But the way I see it, there still could be. I see three days that could have been filled to make that quota. So I’m going to do it, that’s right, join me as we go back in time to right my wrongs. Then, in the future when new visitors are reading the archives for the first time, we must not tell them what has happened, this is our secret. Now, let me vindicate myself, I will attempt the death defying feat of finishing off the five strips for last week and having Monday’s strip up, all today, the Monday today not the Thursday today that this is posted at, this is Tyler from Monday talking from the future to the site back in time… but you are not reading it until the future Monday… It’s complicated, but invisible to the naked eye, basically everything I’m typing is happening in the present but there is a lot of time travel behind it…


  1. Bandman says:

    Oh no! Tyler has finally run over the edge. Poor guy, trying to work and update the webcomic all at the same time!

    Oh well, at least it is not the Spanish Inquisition. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  2. Lee says:

    Must be tough to work out the feng shui for such a small womb – er, I mean room.

  3. Kevin says:

    It looks so uncannily like those pictures of wombs you see in science text books. Scary.

  4. iohop says:

    yay!!!!updates! 🙂

  5. Commy says:

    wow lol i wonder how they’re gonna leave that house but it does look good for a guy osbournes size just a nice blanket and…..ZZZZZZZ

  6. Jesse says:

    That is an excelent plan tyler. And wally is out of his mind.

  7. RW says:

    I have but one question, in that last paragraph, WHAT THE CRAP DID YOU SAY!

  8. RW says:

    It’s really quite amazing that you can time travel with just an Internet connection.

  9. Joepro says:

    What he say? Can someone explain in english?

  10. I don’t know what he said, but he is the genuis behind the comic, so if I study it, like the comic it will be understandable. I am devoted.

  11. Hi everybody. todays penguin fact is: Penguins are found in many different habitats, or places. They live from the frozen land of Antarctica to the sandy beaches of Africa. It’s obvious, but I’m running out of ideas. Questions people please! Good Comic Tyler. Wally has just about lost it!

  12. Jai Inder Singh says:

    WOOT I can never resist time travel! take me back babe! I’m back to last years fashions! YAY!

  13. Joepro says:

    How come some of the names, in the comments are yellow and some are black, Tyler?

  14. By the way gatter, there are 17 species of penguin.

  15. BriGuy says:

    The yellow ones, if you click on them, will take you to a different website (or to the one you are on). The black ones don’t.

  16. Phizlo says:

    The igloo is pretty plain and the walls really need some decorating. Wally is right.

  17. BriGuy says:

    One problem Wally you don’t wear coats just that scarf… O.K maybe you will get some use out of it.

  18. axis says:

    and maybe this rock for the bathrooom……….

  19. Zack says:

    ya, and WHERE are they going to go to the bathroom, i mean its not possible to hold it in for a long time. the rock looks kool. wate, wher did they even get it? Skua Fact ( PS will u add the skuas back in)

    Long-tailed Skua or Long-tailed Jaeger, Stercorarius longicaudus
    Arctic Skua or Parasitic Jaeger, Stercorarius parasiticus
    Pomarine Skua or Pomarine Jaeger, Stercorarius pomarinus
    Chilean Skua, Stercorarius chilensis
    South Polar Skua, Stercorarius maccormicki
    Brown Skua, Stercorarius antarctica ( antarctic skua )
    Great Skua Stercorarius skua

  20. Zack says:

    ok fine ot really a skua fact XD

  21. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    Wow my first post and I already get to travel back in time!!

  22. Roi says:

    Hooray! Your first conspiracy will be made! Wait… How many of those were made before I got here?

    Yeah, a coat hanger would be nice in that hole. Think of ALL the coats Wally could hang up, that he couldn’t before! Ok, he’ll need to make a trip to the research station again to get a coat to hang up.

  23. ok people, who is pretending to be me?!?!?!? >:(
    whoever it is, i demand they stop!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿
    whether they are making fun of me, or trying to take over my job
    just SHUT UP WHOEVER U ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    also, you’re giving false facts, there are 18 different kinds of penguins.
    and by the way, to tell if its mine its a penguin website thats my link not
    wally and osborne.
    heres my REAL fact:

    The Humboldt penguin is also called the Peruvian penguin, though
    they also live in Chile. 😀

    See, u freaky Hannah-impersonator, i’m SO not running out of ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t talk like that either. i always say “people” in my greeting.
    So, whoever u are, stop pretending to be me and go away. 👿
    im so holding all my anger in right now.

  24. Jonah says:

    You still need to travel back in time Tyler.Lm counting on you

  25. Mysterygal says:

    I love this comic!!! They should dig a tunnel. That would be sweet!

  26. Eric says:

    WHAT?? (so confused) This means we get more comics tho right?

  27. I don’t know who you are, but to pretend to be me is just wrong. Plus my website isn’t W&O either.

  28. Hannah that is soooooo, wrong of whoever is the fraud. I can’t belive someone would do that!

  29. Let’s take a vote onwho the real Hannah is!

  30. ok people, stop pretending.
    it wasn’t me who said:

    I don’t know who you are, but to pretend to be me is just wrong. Plus my website isn’t W&O either.

    gatter, there are 18 different kinds of penguins.
    Catherine penguin, it would be awesome to take a vote.

    so here it is (make a comment with the letter u think it is)

    A. axis
    B. my cousin Alexis
    C. Penguin Lover
    D. Catherine penguin
    E. gatter
    F. Eric
    G. Mysterygal
    H. Jonah
    I. Roi
    J. Just another penguin lover
    K. Zack
    L. BriGuy
    M. Phizlo
    N. Joepro
    O. Jai Inder Singh
    P. RW
    Q. Jesse
    R. Commy
    S. iohop
    T. Kevin
    U. Lee
    V. Bandman
    W. Cpt. Stubble

    If u have another idea, then vote for someone else.
    also i would greatly appreciate it if Imposter-Hannah would
    confess or just go away.

    heres the penguin fact:

    Snares Island is a marine sanctuary which permits no humans. Currently there are about 25,000 breeding pairs of Snares Island penguins on the island.

    well bye bye.

  31. ostrich girl says:

    that is sooo messed up. who would petend to be someone else. besides, the REAL hannah has the buzillion !!! at the end.

    Voting issue: i say it’s either g or r because mysterigal can be anyone… anyone meaning she/he needs and identity
    and r is just because i think commy is a weird name…
    (no offense commy)

    And back to the coat hanger…
    i totally agree with osborne. it will do great things…

  32. Sheena says:

    Okay, I’m confused…. but nice comic anyway. 🙂

  33. Laura says:

    Excellent, love it!

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