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: Space Planning
Sep 21, 2006

Space planning is very important, especially when you have basically no room. That’s not necessarily what you might consider a coat-hanger per say, more of a coat hook.

Updates Vindication

Okay, so there were not five updates last week. But the way I see it, there still could be. I see three days that could have been filled to make that quota. So I’m going to do it, that’s right, join me as we go back in time to right my wrongs. Then, in the future when new visitors are reading the archives for the first time, we must not tell them what has happened, this is our secret. Now, let me vindicate myself, I will attempt the death defying feat of finishing off the five strips for last week and having Monday’s strip up, all today, the Monday today not the Thursday today that this is posted at, this is Tyler from Monday talking from the future to the site back in time… but you are not reading it until the future Monday… It’s complicated, but invisible to the naked eye, basically everything I’m typing is happening in the present but there is a lot of time travel behind it…