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14: Orange Juice: Oops
Jul 14, 2005

Yeah, that was awkward for a moment. I’m pretty sure Wally drooled the orange juice out of both sides of his mouth to do that.

I Should Be At Comic-Con

Yep, that’s where all the action is this weekend in the comic world, in beautiful sunny San Diego, at Comic-Con 2005. That is one insane place let me tell you, wall-to-wall fanboys and fangirls. It feels like a big amusement park, with everything from comics, to cartoons to cool new movies coming out. It’s four days long starting early every morning and running into the late hours of the night. There is not a single moment where there is nothing to do. But this year I’ll just be kicking it back here on the homefront, taking it easy, and working on my own comic. Hopefully by next year I’ll have a book out and maybe be at the Con promoting "On the Rocks". That’s a long way off though and I’ll just take it one step at a time for now.

I hope you’re enjoying the orange juice strips. A pretty silly "storyline" that just kind of came together. The one with Wally mixing the juice that never thaws is kind of from personal experience. I remember as a kid trying to mix that dang stuff in the morning. I would add all the water at once so I was just basically sloshing around a big orange lump of ice. Later in life I learned techniques such as starting with less water and smashing the orange block of ice first.