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: Max: Blizzard
Sep 19, 2005

Well, another one of those Antarctic blizzards that can last for days shows up in the comic. Actually in the strip where Osbourne says that they are “hardcore”, Wally was reading about these blizzards in the “Antarctica’s Big Book of Facts” (which is a totally fictional book by the way). It’s also in these storms that seals and penguins can get lost, and head inland away from the sea. In this case they head out towards the sea as Max had wandered out on the ice (the ice being the ice shelf that surrounds Antarctica). Don’t worry though, it’s not the end of Wally and Osbourne. However, this is the last week for Max here “on the rocks”. You’ll have to wait until Friday for the ending of this little storyline. Apologies to you Max fans out there, hope you weren’t thinking he was a new permanent character.