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62: Max: Back in the Cave
Sep 20, 2005

If Batman lived in Antarctica, this could be his cave. He could hop on his Batboat and speed right out into open water.

How about that blue tongue though? Polar bear cubs start with a pink tongue that blackens with age. This discoloration can make adult polar bear tongues appear quite blue.


  1. wouldnt his tounge be frostbitten if he licked the ice for so long?

  2. RW says:

    Well, it is blue.

  3. bobo says:

    No it would just stick to the ice.

  4. somebody says:

    and polar bear’s tongue is blue

  5. axis says:

    what the duce?

  6. someone says:


  7. Jonah says:

    Dude, i would die lisening t that!

  8. Diana says:

    this is the best comic ever, not the akwards.. hihi 🙂

  9. 1 fan says:

    no i’v read better

  10. Amy says:

    Let’s hope Osborne gets his wish. (Not really.)

  11. baybay2 says:

    wouldnt wallys tounge stick to the ice?!?!

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