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: Lighten the Load
Dec 22, 2005

The mind must have to flip over to survival mode when you have to throw stuff out of a sinking boat or a plane going down to lighten the load. When I see this sort of thing happening in shows or movies I always think, that’s not that heavy, are you gaining anything? Or I think what a waste it was of some nice stuff. I guess I’d be the wrong person to have with you on a sinking ship, I’d be hanging on to that concrete highway divider as you were trying to throw it overboard screaming “we made need this!”

Another World Record In Antarctica

You may remember the series of posts I did covering Guiness World Records in Antarctica, with many of its hardcore creatures being awarded them. Well, just this month, two news records have been put into the books, only this time by a human. On December 14, British swimmer Lewis Pugh made a new record for the most southerly swim ever made in the ocean (wearing only a Speedo) and the longest duration polar swim ever made. He swam for 30 minutes and 30 seconds. A normal person would most likely be dead in minutes due to cold-shock reflex. When you hit the water your lungs would contract and your heart rate would skyrocket as you began to hyperventilate. Pugh trained his body to handle such shock by taking many cold showers and swimming in icy water before the record-breaking swim. Apparently you can train your body to the point of not even shivering, allowing your muscles to work better.