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: And the Good News?
Dec 21, 2005

Water wings, what odd little inventions, making children look like little bobbing musclemen in the water. It’s surprising they work at all being such an odd design. Sorry to leave the characters in such a dire position, will Osbourne be eaten by the leopard seal, will Wally drown? Have to wait and see.

Drowning Polar Bears & A Missing Penguin

On the subject of a drowning polar bear and no good news, that’s what I have here, no good news. I had mentioned the global warming leaving less ice at the northern polar region, the polar bear’s hunting grounds (which are literally dissapearing). This is forcing polar bears, who have been known to swim great distances in the ocean, to attempt to swim further than normal, and its resulting them in drowning. You can read more here.

Also a young penguin from a British zoo has apparently been stolen. If it is not returned to its parents it will most likely die of malnutrition. They believe it might have been stolen to become a gift this season, with the popularity of penguins this year. A dead baby penguin does not say I love you, hopefully the thief realizes this and returns it. You can read more at CNN or BBC. On a side note the species of the penguin taken is called a jackass, this is also a term used for the species of people that steal little penguins.