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: Last Resort
Aug 24, 2006

I know many of you saw this coming. Our favorite juvie penguins wouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to capitalize on the rock shortage.

Questions & Answers

I’ve seen several questions pop up in the comment lately and haven’t had a chance to answer them, so I thought I’d take a moment to now.

When will the book collection be coming out?
I have just finished up some projects that have kept me busy so I am just now getting around to putting the book together, laying out the pages and creating an additional story. This is the first one I’ve put together so I don’t really have an idea of when it will be available but I’ll keep you posted here on any progress.

Why don’t you do a storyline on how Wally ended up in Antarctica from the Arctic?
This is something I planned on telling from the beginning. Most likely it will not appear in the comic strip but as a seperate comic with full page layouts like a comic book. It will either be included as a bonus in a future book collection or appear as it’s own book. It is a ways off as it is something I want to take time to do and make it special.

How long does it take you to make one comic strip? From thinking up the idea, to drawing it, to completing it and then finally the upload?
Ideas really vary, sometimes one pops in my head that apparently was conjured up in the back of my mind, so I can’t say how long it took, but it seems instantaneous. When I’m writing little storylines I will write several strips at a time, maybe five in a half hour sitting or so. Other times I just sit there, trying to come up with a single gag and just going through all my brainstorms and distracting myself for hours. Creating the actual comic seems to average maybe two hours each. Even the simple ones that seem like they are just copy and paste can take up to an hour getting the text right and cleaning up the frames and word balloons. The longest ones are three to four hours, when I add lots of extra details and hand drawn stuff into the mix.

Where’d he get the paint?
Like most bears, Wally is curious and loves digging through trash and storage places. So yeah, he gets most stuff from the science outposts. They must wonder why they have to keep restocking, especially their chocolate supplies.

Why isn’t there any Wally merchandise?
There are some some shirts but just with his face. I’ll be working on new merchandise real soon.

Was their anyone at the costume party you went to dressed up like Dr. Osbourne or Super Wally?
Aha, I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing that. Would have been awkward showing up in underwear though, I suppose we could have done their imagined outfits.

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