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: Imitation Rocks
Aug 23, 2006

The bear has a bit of an itchy bum condition.

Also, it’s sad times when you have to create imitation rocks.

T-Shirt Sale!

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  1. lol lol lol! I laughed my face off! Anyways tyler, ROCK ON! your adding new comics like everyday and they are hilarious and i really want to buy your books when they come out! looks like wally and osborne are quite in need of rocks! will these imitation rocks turn in to anything? who knows?

    (p.s. wally is the life of this comic…osborne is the

  2. tux says:

    Great comic! 😀

    Anyway I wish your summer sale had been about 5-6 weeks earlier which is when my family ordered my b-day presents :'( I could have got more 😛

  3. Aaron says:

    Glad to see some daily updates! Another great strip Tyler!

  4. ed says:

    i can’t wait for the book to come out Tyler.
    i’m trying to convince my mom to get me a shirt
    no luck yet, but hopefully the sale will help.

  5. Ciuline says:

    Stayed up all night and actually read EVERY single comic on back log. That was about three comics before that long posting gap. Great to see that On the Rocks is back to a normal-ish posting schedule. Thanks for the laughs, Tyler!

  6. spyguy294 says:

    hee hee hee lol

  7. OSBOURNE & WALLY says:

    love it! i also love the back-to-normal schedule!keep it up tyler! 🙂

  8. spyguy294 says:

    why dont u do something on how wally actually ended up in antarctica from the arctic

  9. Mike Sinclair says:

    Great comic and good to see that you have time to update more regularly again.

    As a side note the coupon doesn’t seem to work in the Euro store. Is this offer for US only?

  10. Flux says:

    Ah another nice one (I’ve read them all, first time to make a comment though)

    Great that they’re back on a regular basis, it was almost imbarrable to wait a whole week for one :p

    I have a question though, how long does it take you (on average) to make one comic strip? From thinking up the idea, to drawing it, to completing it and then finally the upload?

  11. Hannah says:

    hey everybody!!
    Its Hannah the Penguin Freak in very penguiny mood
    today so I am going to post TWO penguin facts!!!!
    yup, TWO penguin facts for the price of one!!
    ok, here’s the first one:

    Chinstrap penguins stand about 28 inches (72 cm) tall and weigh about
    9-14 lbs. (3.5-5 kg) 🙂

    Here’s the second one:

    There are only 800 Galapagos penguin breeding pairs left in the world. 😯

    well bye bye.
    PS-yay its back to the way it was: comics every weekday. 😀

  12. Sev says:

    Wally in 40 years: You kids have it easy! In my day, we had to make our own rocks!

  13. Phizlo says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Where’d he get the paint?

  14. Which man and his army conquered Peru?

  15. hey tyler, nice going! keep ’em up!

  16. BriGuy says:

    Maybe he got the paint from the warehouse Wally always breaks into. 😛
    Any ways.. Wally’s hands remind me of when he thought the oil was chocolate.

    Maybe he can paint some of his water balloons to make rocks. After “testing” it on Osborne we know they are definitely solid enough. 😆

  17. George Lucas says:

    Could wally have got the paint from where he was scratching?

  18. SilverPearl says:

    he should water baloon everyone and take their rocks

  19. Sev says:

    “Which man and his army conquered Peru?”

    Francisco Pizarro?

  20. S. Dolphin says:

    hahaha……….. gross

  21. Zack says:

    just lol

  22. izzieluv says:

    including his butt

  23. axis says:


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