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: Ice Climbing: Swiss Alps Style
Oct 14, 2005

They’ve been BASE jumping and done some pretty extreme tobagganing, now Wally & Osbourne are going ice climbing. I get a kick out of seeing Wally in the Swiss outfit. You got a polar bear in Antarctica, wearing an outfit associated with the Swiss Alps. What a mixture of frozen places. What’s also interesting, ironic, what have you… the capital of Switzerland is Bern, named after a bear, and Switzerland is a place with no bears. It was named by its medieval founder, who’s first animal he killed there was a bear. Apparently this tradition continued until there were no more bears in Switzerland by 1904. Strangely, last July there were unconfirmed reports of a brown bear spotted in the Alps. Nature has its way of recovering, conservationists and the Swiss government would be happy for bears to return but the shepherds are a little less eager of the possibility.