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79: Ice Climbing: Quick Boost
Oct 13, 2005

Ever been in an embarrassing predicament… and someone tries to help you, only drawing more attention to it and making it feel more embarrassing? That’s what Osborne’s feeling in today’s strip. Sometimes it’s hard for him being just a little guy. I was always pretty small myself as a kid, well, most kids are small, but I tended to be smaller than the other kids. I always got the number “one” shirt on my soccer teams, this did not mean I was the number one player. I did manage to outgrow my parents but only to five foot seven, so at least I get to ride the big kid rides now. All my friends seem to be over six feet though so it reminds me I’m short. Speaking of climbing, in tomorrow’s strip, Wally & Osborne take it up a notch. Also I finally got that Max wallpaper ready for download in the downloads section, now you can sport your desktop with the number one children’s show in the world. See you tomorrow!