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351: Forgiveness
Nov 12, 2018

Some studies show that being forgiving has a positive effect on physical health. Those who choose to forgive have lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. See, Wally has given Osborne the opportunity to improve his health. There are also people that disagree with there being any connection to forgiveness and good health, but I think those people are a bunch of unforgiving grudge-mongers.


  1. Marco Tedaldi says:

    And there are still people out there doubting wally’s genius?!? That’s unforgiveable!

  2. Huck Perry says:

    So true, forgiveness also help you to not feel any guity or regrets later on if something happened to the person

    And yay, more comics! 😀 I have been reading your comics since a few years ago and I thought it was done; but I’m happy now 🙂 I love those guys. (they also reminds me of two of my friends)

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