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: Deserted Island: Wild Boar
Jan 12, 2006

Those poor wild boars… always quick to become the staple food of castaways.

Speaking of artificial meat products, there are actually some pretty good ones out there I would reccommend trying. I get these Morningstar Farms sausage patties that are great on a bagel with some cheese, and they nuke right up in the old microwave. They are made with various vegetable protein meat substitutes and are pretty amazing. Of course, in the end maybe they are actually worse for you healthwise than real sausage with all the ingredients and processes of developing them. There’s other various products that are pretty close to their meat counterparts too, including barbecue style shredded beef and even riblets that are pretty amazing. They might even be too much like real meat for those that are just turned off by meat in general. But they are pretty nice for those looking for a healthy alternative or a quick microwavable meal with some protein. If nothing else they are amazing science! 😉

Penguin Eye Surgery

Some old timer penguins at the Detroit Zoo recently had eye surgery to remove cataracts. When I say old, one is over 30, that’s darn old in penguin years. Zoo animals tend to live a bit longer with their pampered lifestyle and medical benefits than their wild cousins. Apparently the zookeepers noticed the problem when the penguins were constantly bumping into walls and other penguins. Seems like that might have added to the entertainment of them. Just kidding, I’m glad to see that they will be seeing things better, especially their food so they don’t have to resort to making it out of snow. Click here for the full article.


  1. spiceant says:

    i was wondering if penquins can be significantly affected by the bird flu (as we know it from the news), can they?

  2. SuperVegito says:

    Why Dose’nt Wally Become An Ice Sculpture he seems pretty good at stuff like that 😛

  3. Matt (the real one) says:

    Am i a bad person ’cause i laughed at the thought of a penguin running into other penguins and knocking them down domino style?

  4. Swade aka Klawful says:

    Yes Matt, you are truely horrible (just kidding) … just like my big fat brother searching the net for “Fresh Penguin Kebab”.

  5. Tyler Martin says:

    I’m not sure if they can be affected by the bird flu. I would imagine so, ones in zoo’s would be more apt to, but they are usually vaccinated for quite a bit of stuff. In the Antarctic they are pretty isolated from a lot of diseases and viruses. I also would assume the extreme cold conditions would help slow down the spread of viruses.

  6. Edi says:

    This is a few months late, I’m still in the archives so you might not see this Tyler BUT try quorn meat substitutes, they’re much better than morning star

  7. bobo says:

    Matt no that’s sort of what i did to and as for a meat substitute all i can think of is spam.

  8. OrAnGe JuIcE says:

    I know this was months ago, but I love spam. I know this really great sandwich spread recipe that uses spam.

    Sanwichitos(I’m not sure if I got the spelling right but it is “little sandwiches” in spanish)
    1. spam
    2.chesse whiz(any cheese in a jar is fine)
    3.roasted red pepers

    Put spam, cheese whiz, and a few roasted red peppers in the food proccessors and mix. Add any of the three for taste.

    People just love it in Puerto Rico.(a small island off the coast of Florida for all you geographers out there)

  9. Osbourne says:

    Why is Wally a vegetarian?

  10. Jenny says:

    That boar is made of snow!

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