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: Deserted Island: Hunger
Jan 5, 2006

Polar bears and penguins can actually both go for weeks without food. Polar bears sometimes do when their ice hunting grounds are thawed in the summer. Penguins do while taking turns caring for eggs and chics while the other parent is off to the sea feeding, also when they are moulting and cannot go in the water.

The cartoonist can also go for days without updating the comic. Heh, I got a little behind so I’m catching up by plugging in comics for the missed days to stay on schedule.


  1. SuperVegito says:

    @Tyler : AWESUM STRIP DUDE I CUD’NT STOP LAUGHING WHEN I READ THE 2ND PANNEL. btw u got the flu or sumthing? i don’t like it when ppl get sick. it sux. but obviously ur sense of humor has’nt demenished

  2. SuperVegito says:

    btw do polar bears really eat penguins?

  3. tux says:

    No, there aren’t any Polar Bears (except Wally) at the south pole, so it’s unlikely Penguins have ever met Polar Bears let alone be ones dinner.

    Good strip.

  4. synthmon says:

    Well, except for that fact, I’d say it’s very well possible. Prolly if they’re desperate as well. Although, question is, penguins do tend to run off to the water and once in the water I’d doubt any polar bear can get at ’em.

  5. SuperVegito says:

    hmm… escape the polar bear by diving into the water….and then get eaten by a leopard seal…poor penguins…i’m glad i’m not one of them…too many predators…but sometimes i’d rather have leopard seals after me rather than my idiot professors who i just wanna kill 😛

  6. Tyler Martin says:

    Perhaps polar bears are the reason there are no penguins at the north pole. They would probably really like an easy meal like that, their fat would be right up their alley. Polar bears metabolisms require high fat foods. When eating seals they go straight for the fat first, especially if they are a younger bear and expecting a larger one to come take their kill at some point in the meal.

    One reason penguins do so well around Antarctica is the absence of any real land predators. Land is sort of their sanctuary.

    Rather than try to catch up these last few days, the comic will just return on schedule tomorrow. I’m feeling much better now and the energy of the new year is upon me…

  7. HER says:

    “btw do polar bears really eat penguins?”-

    No, they can’t get the wrappers off!

    So goes the joke anyway….

  8. bobo says:

    their is one question left unanswered do penguins taste good with kutehup.

  9. Poppy says:

    Tyler, you spelt chicks wrong. You spelt it chics!

  10. Osbourne says:

    Why isn’t this comic as well-known as Garfield?

  11. Jenny says:

    More penguin juice?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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