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: Cowboys: Costume
Nov 14, 2005

As I’ve mentioned before, Antarctica is indeed an arid desert despite the fact that it houses 70% of earth’s fresh water in ice. The majority of Antarctica receives less than 2 inches of rain a year, that’s less than the Sahara desert making it the driest place on earth.

“March of the Penguins” May March To the Oscars

It seems I’ve been talking about this film since I announced it was coming to theaters months ago, I guess that’s because I have. Of 82 documentaries screened it is now one of the 15 chosen for consideration for the Oscars. In January the list will be cut down to 5, I’m confident it will make the cut. It’s the second highest box office grossing documentary ever.


  1. David P. Murphy says:

    How do you determine “west of the south pole”?

  2. Burrell says:

    Wow, im reading through the archives, and im extremely impressed. A long fan of webcomics, and with finicky tastes, its a great compliment to you and your work.

    As a webmaster(part time) i also have to say your layout and brilliant use of wordpress is also impressive… KISS rules supreme, and you have followed that moniker very well.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Esteban says:

    I’ve been enjoying a lot reading your comic, and also the interesting facts you write with them.
    Just a correction: the driest place on Earth is the Atacama desert, in Chile, with less than 0.004 inches of rain per year. Some places in that desert have not seen any rain in hundreds of years. In others, when it rains every few years the desert blossoms with wild flowers.

  4. taylor says:

    Heh heh… I like this one alot for some reason. Something about the “I’m IN!” hit me as really funny.

  5. bobo says:

    good point David. 😕

  6. axis says:

    osbourne is just like me! a chance at total power and he jumps in! i would’ve done the exact SAME thing……..mwahha. haha

  7. Jonah says:

    Im with Wally. I love playing cowboys!

  8. Your Mother says:

    Being the sherrif is always tempting. 🙂

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