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: Cowboys: Boots
Nov 15, 2005

Wally had a point, Osbourne did look a bit taller. Also welcome to the short cowboy storyline.

Seattle’s Killer Whales Endangered

Not Antarctic news but it’s about one of the creatures of the comic so I thought I’d share. The Puget Sound has three pods totalling 89 orcas. For years environmentalist groups have been fighting for them to be listed as an endangered species due to declining numbers but the federal government’s argument against it is that they cannot be, being they are no different than other orcas. Apparently the environmentalists have finally one, arguing that these orcas have a unique call, diet and only mate within the group of orcas in the Puget Sound area and today the government has listed them as an endangered species. Congratulations Puget Sound orcas. If nothing else it may help get the waters cleaned up as contamination and pollution are their biggest threats.


  1. Stefan says:

    Gotta say, Osbourne in Cowboy boots had me cracking up for good. Not that I didn’t laugh, chuckle or really enjoy the other strips – quite the contrary.
    But t h i s one really got me. Even now…
    Man, this one is great! 🙂
    Keep it up!

  2. David P. Murphy says:

    How do you determine “west of the south pole”?

  3. The Angel says:

    I live in the Pudget Sound! Heh heh… sorry, just wanted to point that out.

  4. Edi says:

    I also live in the puget sound and though I’m posting this a few months late I remember that 🙂 I was vety happy – still am.

  5. axis says:

    heehee! whooohooooo! hahaha!

  6. Your Mother says:


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