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: Cowboys: Campfire
Nov 28, 2005

I wasn’t on Holiday last Wednesday through Friday, I just got backed up with some large projects and was not able to get the comics for those days online for you. I wanted to put them all up over the weekend and get today’s comic up, but I was also busy over the weekend, so it just seems best to start them back up with today and be back on schedule.

We pick back up with Wally & Osbourne’s Cowboy adventures. Wally being resourceful as always. Also this is the first human to show up in the strip (not counting the frozen ones). There will be more too but it will be pretty limited contact between them and our characters. Normally when a new creature shows up in the strip I give a few facts about them, but in this case I’m assuming we are all familiar with the human species. Hope you had a good weekend and hope you enjoy the rest of the Cowboy strips this week.


  1. Sev says:

    What are these humans of which you speak? Can they swim or fly and bite?

  2. Adam says:

    On the drive in to wrok this morning, I saw that Coca-Cola had started putting out it’s holiday billboards, and I immediately thought of this strip: A polar bear and a penguin sitting in the snow, leaning against each other, staring at a giant moon just starting to rise in the background.

    I saw that and immediately thought back to the comment made with the first comic, “Now, naturally polar bears only live in the arctic, north of the equator, and penguins only live south of the equator, so they would never even see each other in a normal setting.”

    Thought you would be interested.

  3. Matt says:

    Yeah i’ve seen the billboards too. And when i went to see the new Harry Potter movie, they also had like a minute-long commercial with the polar bears and penguins.

  4. Julie says:

    Matt, was that the one where the polar bear family is spying on the penguin party? It just brings tears to my eyes.

  5. bobo says:

    ya i saw that,but i dinet tieka about it.

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