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: Cowboys: Campfire Roasting
Nov 29, 2005

It’s probably pretty tricky to get that black crispy outer layer on snowballs like you can do with marshmallows or hot dogs. Mmm, nothing like eating some crispy ash with goo in the center.

More Penguin Media Madness

Everyone always shares with me where they’ve seen penguins now in the media. It’s truly the year of the penguins this year, they are even scheduled to receive some “Big in 05” award from VH1, should be entertaining seeing them trying to accept the award with their little flippers. Apparently penguins have now joined the polar bears in the Coca-Cola commercials, it must be the same marketing team that does Hubba-Bubba Bubblegum commercials and believe penguins should be living in the north pole hanging with polar bears. Maybe they should relocate a bunch of penguins up there, problem is the land is their only shelter and then they’d have polar bears easily snacking them up, but it might give the seals a break.

If that’s not enough, I go to get some orange juice out of the fridge today, and guess what it’s got all over it, yup, penguins. Minute Maid orange juice even, just like what I loosely based the orange juice Wally got in the early OJ strips.

It’s a good thing though, increased popularity in penguins this year could mean more interest in comics with penguins. Hopefully it continues on to next year, which apparently the “media” is already on top of with Happy Feet coming out starring Emperor Penguins (but featuring other penguins too). You might have seen me mention this movie a couple times before, it has several well-known actors doing the voices. Matt from the forums let us know that the teaser trailer is up for it now, you can find it here. Looks pretty good, kind of like the comedy and story relative to the other popular computer animated films of today, except that it doesn’t look very stylized or cartoony but is rendered a bit more realisticly, like they are really in Antarctica and the penguins are pretty close to the real life species they are based on, they still jump and dance around like cartoons though. Looks very cool but we’re going to have to wait another year for it.


  1. Matt says:

    Woooo! I appear in today’s post! Hi mom! *waves*

  2. Tyler Martin says:

    No, I think that was another Matt that PM’ed me just moments before you posted that. 😉

  3. andy. says:

    At least you appear in the comments though, right Matt?? =P

  4. bobo says:

    “Mmm, nothing like eating some crispy ash with goo in the center”
    i like them golden brown but what ever.

  5. Newguy says:

    yeah golden marshmellows are so much better. crispy ash marshmellows are for those who have little patience… also some people do like it that way (my father for instance)

  6. Sleeps with penguins says:

    I went to see Happy Feet the day it came out. I flashed the screen in my bliss 😯

  7. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:

    No,no,no.It’s the marshmallows that r whie but melted in the center that r good. 😎

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