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: An Adelie Home
Jul 5, 2006

As opposed to the emperor penguin that keeps its eggs on its feet out in the middle of the ice in winter, the adelie penguins build a nest of rock during the summer in places where the snow has receded. They actually build a little circle of rocks around themselves to keep the egg from rolling away and help shield it from harsh weather. They return to the same nest each year.


I know some of you had grown fond of the On the Rocks name, hopefully the new one will also find a place in your heart.

As far as the new look of the site, I like change every once in a while (it had been a year) and wanted something with more contrast from the comic, more colorful and feeling a bit more cozy. PurpleKoopa got it right in the comments the other day, the look is based on the steel of the ice-breaking ships of Antarctica that have appeared in the comic a few times.

But if you just got to have the old layout, don’t like change or want to live in last year, there is good news, you still can. To the left, at the bottom of the sidebar you will see an option for THEMES. You can switch back to the old theme there. Technology for teh win! I’ll be adding some more themes too, a minimalistic one and a small sized one for those with 800×600 displays or that are on dial-up connections.

As far as the readability, Lee mentioned that the black was a bit hard to read on the orange. Actually it was brown, so I changed it to black to create a bit more contrast. I will continue to develop the layout a bit and make sure everything is clear on everyone’s different display setups. Speaking of Lee, he’s already right on top of the Wikipedia article, thanks Lee. One of the nice things about the new name is stuff like the article and the domain name do not have to have extra words like “comics” thrown in to specify it. Since Wally & Osborne is more original.

Also, yes I need to update the banners and get the new comments emoticons back on. Will do!