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: A New Home
Jul 3, 2006

Welcome to the new home of Wally and Osborne, please change your bookmarks to:

This actually begins a new storyline to find Wally and Osborne an actual home as opposed to just living randomly on the ice. I just thought it would be great to time it with them getting their new home on the web as well.

One Year Anniversary!

That’s right, July 4th (tomorrow technically) marks one year of the comic being on the web. When I started the project I told myself I would work hard at it for a year and then sit back and see where I’m at with it or where I want to go with it. I’ve had a great time doing the comic and chatting with you readers over this last year. I am proud to have the comic syndicated at the Funbrain site. I’m starting to put the first book collection together. I’ve decided everything is great and to press on, not a thing I would change… well, except the name.

Name Change?

Yes, the comic will now be known as “Wally & Osborne” rather than “On the Rocks”. We will consider On the Rocks the project or working title for its first year. It wasn’t an easy decision after promoting it with that name, but one I made long ago as I’ve never really liked the name to begin with. I just kind of picked it because it seemed clever, people working in Antarctica actually use the term to refer to it. To me though it just feels so generic, being such a common phrase, one that normally applies to alcoholic drinks or shakey marriages, neither which associate with Wally and Osborne. “Wally & Osborne” was also to be the title for any of the longer format comic book stories I was going to do. It is much more unique to the duo and should be better for searching them out online or in future book catalogs. Many cartoon and comic characters have had good success using the characters name, I think it helps them be more identifiable and strengthens the fact that the comic is their own. Harder was the decision to change the spelling of Osbourne to Osborne (if you caught that). Osborne is the more common spelling, shorter, and really reads better so I’ll be omitting some u’s from the old comics.

So yeah, one year kicked in the butt, a name change and a brand new site. Thanks for sticking with me and reading. Here’s to a brand new year of fun. Cheers!