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Jun 8, 2006
Tourists: Penguins Is Serious

It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re a pudgey little bird that waddles around and can’t fly.

Giant Crater In Antarctica

Scientists have found what looks to be a 300 mile wide crater under the ice sheet of Antarctica, most likely caused by a large meteorite impact that may have caused a mass extinction at the time. You can read more at BBC or

Cute Overload

There is a blog called Cute Overload that posts cute pictures of little animals. I mean repulsively cute, they’ll get yuh, they’ll pull at yer little heart strings. The other day they posted a picture of a cute little orphaned polar bear cub that will be finding a home at a zoo.

  • BriGuy

    I really enjoyed the second panel. Great strip!

  • wimpelmeesje

    The jumping Osbourne in the second panel just screams for a wallpaper :).

  • I was thinking maybe a “Penguins Is Serious” shirt would be in order too some time.

  • BriaN

    Yeah the “Penquins Is Serious” would be a funny shirt. It also makes me think of all the protests that we were having here in california a couple months ago about immigration…

  • hahahahahahahahahahaha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA……HA!

  • hehe

  • haha (etc)

  • Hannah

    I would totally but a “Penguins Is Serious” shirt.
    Well, I’ll put it this way: at school, my name is Penguin Girl!!!
    I will buy most things with penguins.

    I love where Osbourne jumps, yeah.
    I don’t think he’s ever hopped that high, has he?

    I like that Cuteness Overload site, too.
    Theres a few penguins there.

    These comics rock.

  • Hannah

    oops………in the previous comment of mine………
    I ment “buy” in the first sentence not “but”

  • ~*Ashley*~

    lol, I would buy a Penguins Is Serious shirt! lol Great comic!! 😀

  • tux

    I agree the second panel would make a cool t-shirt. I’d really really love a PENGOWNED t-shirt though 😛

  • Mat

    Martin, I think by now science believes that an impact event alone cannot cause mass extinctions.. it causes widespread local destruction, and yes, a global impact on the climate that last for a few years – a few years, mind you. A lot of specimens would die off, a few go extinct, but nothing in the mass amounts like the Perm-Trias-event or the extinction of the dinosaurs.. 🙂

    At least for the dinosaurs, a massive shift in climate, the impact and heavy volcanism at the same time led to their extinction.. 🙂

  • Daniel

    I think Wally with his BIG puppy eyes should deserve its own wallpaper…wow…I feel hypnotized…

  • WeirdLurker

    Lmao..I would buy a penguins is serious t-shirt. I enjoy penguins in comics too lol. And thinking about “penguins is serious” being related to the mexicans on “we is serious” or something like that is very amusic.

  • WeirdLurker

    Amusic= Amusingly Dramatic >.>

  • Mentalbug

    Haha that was great 😀
    Yeah go for it Osie, stand for your rights and pride! :]

  • Mentalbug

    Oh… and the pics on that “” site really are “so cute they hurt” 🙂

  • Mr. It’s hot

    Cows producing Mehtane are the real problem to global warming…seriously…cows and their…. ya know…

    …and Penguins rock!

  • meteorite

    well, Matt, the crater on antarctica comes from a meteorite 50 kilometers in diameter, 5 times the one that’s supposed to have killed the dinosaurs. It hit 251 million years ago and killed 99% of all life on earth, ending the reign of the trilobites and starting the reign of the dinosaurs. This thing could cause a mass extinction on it’s own.

    school is good if you want to be really precise. 🙂

  • Hannah

    I totally agree with you Mr its hot…………
    Penguins Rock!!!!!
    I even have started a club called Penguins Rock!!!! 😯
    Its awesome.

    Today was the last day of school!!!!!
    or at least where I live………….

    Well today after school I gathered a bunch of people to
    run out the front doors with me to cheer because of the end of school.
    That was awesome too. 😀

  • dan

    I am a kinda new reader and i must say I’ve never read a better comic

  • Anonymous

    i agree with dan

  • Dude. You have GOT to make a “Penguins is Serious!” shirt. With Osbourne jumping just like that, starburst in the background…

    I would so totally buy that. Money in the bank.

  • Loe

    Penguins. Serious business.

  • OT

    i’d cop a “Penguins is Serious” shirt

  • oball

    Hey Tyler, congratualtions on being a runner up in SGR Idol.

  • her

    I’d so wear a “Penguin Is Serious” T…..AND be willing to tollerate the looks of the Grammar Nazis… Hook us up!


    ‘Cause penguins IS serious!

  • RW

    Heck ya! They is also hardcore!

  • got to love wallys’ eyes in the second panel.

  • izzieluv

    make a ‘penguins is serious’ wallpaper!

  • eekbaa

    penguins is serious
    love wallys eyes

  • penguin Luvr 20

    rockin’ comic, ty! can i call u ty? i sometimes call my brother ty and he hates it! (his name is tyler, too!)
    happy belated thanxgivin’ every1!
    8th grade rox my sox
    can u post a pic of yourself somewhere on here tyler? im dying 2 c what u look like!
    rockin’ comic!
    i should start a website called Penguins Is and have penguin facts and pics! 🙂 (with ur permission of course ty! i dont wanna get sued by using a slogan from ur comic!)
    hows life everyone?

  • penguin Luvr 20

    penguinz r really serious people (pssss! they r really animals, but dont tell them!)

  • 1st panel= 😐 2nd panel= 👿 3rd panel= 😡 And hten I = 😆

  • Metroplex

    😡 👿 😆 ❗ 😛 ❗ 🙄 😐