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Aug 22, 2005
Testing the Waters

Adelie penguins tend to enter the water in groups. It’s kind of a safety thing, the bigger the group you’re in, the less chance you’re going to be eaten when you enter the water. There’s actually an old myth that the comic is based on… that when a group of Adelies get to the water’s edge they push in a "sacrifice victim" to see if any dangerous predators such as leopard seals are present. If he isn’t eaten then they all jump in. The groups can be so big and crowded that some penguins actually do inadvertently get pushed in, and once they start going in they all follow suit. I suppose it would be like constantly being in a rock concert mosh pit. Then there’s the way they shoot up out of the water which is even more entertaining and there will definitely need to be some strips in the future covering that.

Thanks as always for reading the comic. Hope you’re enjoying it.

  • bobo

    we are.
    🙂 🙂

  • Canadian Mooseman


  • hahahahaha

  • carlyneese

    thats what my dad does with me

  • not my website, but it rules, and awesome comic!!!

  • LOL! my uncle thorws me in! fun but i dont even have a bathingsuit on!!!!!!!! so cold !!! BRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • someone

    that would be very unexpected.


  • crazycat12

    this is the best web site ever i spend hours here just reading and waiting for a new comic to read

  • crazycat12

    great comics tyler THANK YOU for taking time to write them

  • WALLY3330


  • Whoisit

    Whoa. OK, that penguin is probably gonna sue osborne for that! 😆

  • No, WALLY will be sued!=(

    • baybay2

      dont you mean ousborne

  • Osborne should do that more often 😉

  • 45Liger

    Always swim with a budy.