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40: Preening
Aug 19, 2005

Yeah, penguins have a preen gland at the base of their tail. They get oil from it and spread it over their feathers. Doing so makes them waterproof to better survive the freezing Antarctic waters. Also it undoubtedly helps them glide through the water. Even in that icy waters they maintain a body temperature between 100 and 102 degrees. That’s a few degrees warmer than you and I.

Travel Ad Comics

So yeah, yesterday was another one of the "Vacation Antarctica" ad strips. I wrote up a bunch of them thinking they would be kind of fun to throw in here and there for a little break. It seems like they could be a fun little change but they just don’t deliver like Wally and Osborne do. It almost seemed depressing to me seeing it there in the place of the strip. I still have a lot of them but I’m not sure if I want to keep doing them or not, maybe just one a month or something. I don’t know… if you really missed out on seeing Wally and Osborne and could care less about them then let me know. If nothing else I could just feature them on weekends, or in a bonus section on the site, rather than take a day away from Wally and Osborne’s stories.

It seems more and more people are starting to find the comic. Be sure to keep spreading the word when you can. If you are a new reader, welcome and I hope you enjoy the comic and keep reading.