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Dec 22, 2006
Selling Snowmen

I wonder if you even get a couple rocks or a carrot with that kit. Those crazy kids. I think I’ll market that idea, a build-it-yourself snowman kit. It would be a plastic bag of water with a few rocks in it. The instructions would start off by putting the water in your freezer…

After all the snow we got here, and the talk of snowmen the other day, I added a snowman category and went through the archives tagging all the comics featuring snowmen (mostly Wally’s little homemade friends). So I thought I’d do a snowman strip today. As I was going through the archives I was noticing the little penguin juvie salesmen, so I created a Penguin Juvie Stand category too. That gave me the idea to make today’s comic, which covers both categories (in the archives, sort by Category to view comics in those categories).

And on that note, let’s enjoy a classic piece of animation called The Snow Man. Possibly the creepiest snowman cartoon ever. You’ll notice the penguins in it, because you know, in cartoons and commercials all the arctic creatures live at BOTH poles.

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  • zeel

    first coment!!!! wwwooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhooooooooo!!!!

    finely!!!! yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  • Ishmael

    Those penguins are good at scaming 🙁

  • zeel

    funy LOL good idea to make mor catigorys but you stil need more

  • zeel

    I cant belev those penguin juves I love them them and watterbuloons

  • Phizlo

    I like building snowmen too but they don’t come in a Build-it-Yourself kit. 🙁

  • Mic

    Hi Philip(Phizlo) I’m in club penguin and partying! You get free stuff and I found the new pin!!

  • Mic

    Oops I mean I’ m partying.

  • BriGuy

    I hope Osborne’s not stupid enough to actually buy that; of course he’s probably learned from past experience buying from the juvies is a bad idea.

  • Hermes

    The juvies are so smart, who would have thought of make your own snowmen. I’ve seen make your own gingerbread houses before. I loved the video, but it was a little scary. It looked familiar, I think I’ve seen it before on TV when I was younger.

  • Phizlo

    I just saw The Snow Man cartoon and it was so scary. 🙁
    I also think I saw Mickey Mouse. 🙂

  • Finally! Another juvie comic! These are my favorite a side from the water ballon ones. 😀

    Did you know….

    Emperor penguins can mate when they are 4 years old and can live to be 20 years of age.

  • pmv

    Isn’t it really dry in Antartica? Would the snow even stick to itself well enough to make snowmen? The juvies are really getting away with something if the snow is no good at making snowmen.

  • That’s true pmv, I had some more on it in the notes here:

  • yes!!! the juvie penguins are at it again! they are so hilarious!! Tyler, you should make a comic with the juvie’s trying to sell holiday spirit. then they should sing or something…yeah, that’d be cool

  • hey people
    yeah that cartoon is really creepy
    love the comic
    again Tyler, you need to work on the book
    im getting tired of it always saying
    pages complete: 1 out of 72

  • I guess a do it yourself snowman kit can’t be any worse than dehydrated water – all you do is add water to the pack…..

  • some weird guy


  • some weird guy

    i love the comic!

  • Dad

    lol .. snowman cartoon .. was there..

  • Hey everyone! Here’s the fact:

    Polar bears only rarely catch seals in open water. They are far more successful at hunting them on the sea ice.

    Great comic Tyler!

  • You need to make more Juvie comic strips. You also need to make more shirts in the shop. I’m getting tired of the progress bar too. But I know why. Everytime you try to do a progect like that, we all get angry at you for not posting new comics. So lay off guys! Tyler has beter things to do then entertain us. That’s a very creepy cartoon. Very scary!

  • New Guy

    That cartoon was wrong… was it suppose to have sound because it didn’t for me

  • Ace

    SUPER CREEPY!!! :creepy:

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak

    I`M BACK!

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak

    You guys made fun of pikmin!! 🙁 Now you will PAY!!! 👿
    Here are 5 facts to make you PAY!!!!!

    [Pikrap junk removed, go to a Pikmin forum.]

  • hi ppl! LOL! the little penguins are so funny and sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!:)i think they need to be part of this little group btw anybody know about its like virtual disney its soooo fun!!! im polarbearluver so check it out!!!!

  • No Andrew, you pay. Goodbye.

  • here is my daily obvious penguin fact:
    penguins eat fish

    ha ha! i was dying 2 c those juvie penguins again!

  • Sheena

    There the little juvies go again, trying to scam Osborne. If he REALLY wanted a snowman, he could just ask Wally. He is a MASTER at the art.

    Then again, he is pretty good at amking snow-polar bears
    😀 :mrgreen:

  • Sheena

    Sorry, I meant making.

  • Sheena

    Why are the clouds in the third panel orange? 😕

  • the s in snowman is a $
    ya noticed that?????

  • Phizlo

    I wonder where and when the juvies learned to write words, let alone the dollar sign($). 🙂
    $NOWMEN 🙂

  • io

    $nowmen for sale.

  • i want a snowman! i want a snowman!!!!

  • $nowman 4 sale!

  • i ment to say men not man

  • Cristina

    ah, ya gotta love the penguin juvies.
    So did andrew get blocked or something or did his post just get shortend?
    I’m confused.

  • I think he got blocked for being annoying. At least I hoped he did.

    I think that cartoon thing was creepy too!

  • io

    im guessing Andrews IP adress is blocked from posting here. Merry Christmas

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! Man I got so much penguins stuff this Christmas I could bury my my pet BULLDOG in it! No Wally and Osborne stuff though. ;-( But I did get a Happy Feet video game for my new DS! Sorry for the unrealated comment. Very funny comic Tyler! LOL!

  • Zack

    Merry Christmas.

    I LOVE U ALL!!!!!

  • MERRY CHRISMAS EVERY1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • io

    i became a member in club penguin for christmas!!!

  • New Guy

    I got everything I wanted for Christmas this year, that is everything I wanted last year… So no, I didn’t get anything good…(sigh) O well its the thought that counts

  • Sorry New Guy… That’s kinda sad. I’m thinking about becoming a membe of C.P. too.

  • ostrich girl

    Merry Xmas (true, 2 days late but like New Guy says, it’s the thought that counts)
    i didn’t like the cartoon. it was freaky. but the seals where cute
    i love the juvies. they’re so chubby. and smart.

  • OrAnGe JuIcE

    Ha ha… very funny. But those penguins are clever. Why sell snowmen and take the fun out of building them? Not so clever accepting the fact that they ARE in a field of snow.

    I saw the video too. There’s a twist on Frosty I didn’t need to see

  • i dont get it. The penguin juvies sell stuff for money but where are they going to spend the money?