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Feb 21, 2007
Quest For the Beak: Part I

Been really busy and these quest comics are going to take a bit longer. I think Wally could have really used Osborne’s help with that harness gear.

  • Ishmael

    First comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ishmael

    The fifth panel funny. 😀

  • Nutty

    You bet it will be a long climb to the top!

  • lol nice work

  • Sheena

    *coughcough* *clear throat* Alright then, whoo. Funny! Though you might want to try posting more than once a week, hmm?

    Nice comic tough. He really could have used Osbourne’s (yes I will ALWAYS call him that) help with the knots.

    Then again, never trust a knot tied with flipper “quoth Tyler Martin” … 😀

  • Sheena

    3 pages ALRIGHT!! Way to go! 🙂 Only 69 to go! 🙂

  • Captain Chaos

    I guess Wally made it worse. Maybe the Giant Petrol King is going to steal his nose, too?

  • BriGuy

    Cool comic. I like Wall’s expression in the last panel. I noticed Wally lost his hat. Maybe Osborne will find it and we can see him in it. I wonder what part 2 of the comic will be.

    Is the strip hand drawn or are you just trying a different style with your program? Also is Wally getting anywhere in the last 3 panel s or is he just getting himself stuck?

  • lol i love the fifth panel!!! and yay new comic!!! who here watches LOST? and who doesn’t want…well i probably shouldn’t say anything since some people might not have seen the Feb. 14th episode. there’s a new one tonight!!! whoopee!!! :mrgreen:

  • oops i meant the last panel! why did i say fifth????

  • Phizlo

    Nice style for today’s comic. 🙂 I really like it. It’s gonna be a long time before Wally reaches the top . . . 😎 Actually, I don’t know if he’ll EVER reach the top . . .

  • Cristina

    Poor wally, just another day’s work for a hero seeking a noble cause. Osborne must be getting pretty hungry without a beak for like, two weeks now.

  • Ahhh… so that’s why it took so long to update… haha! How the heck did he get himself knotted up like that? You would think a giant mountain spider did that to him. Oh no! He lost the cute little hat with the feathers in it! Such a cute little hat.

  • Can’t they survive without food for a while ‘cuz of molting season?

  • New Guy

    Man I’d hate to be in Wally’s position.

  • Hey io! That’s a great idea! Sheena! It’s been three pages for like two months!

  • I watch Lost! Great comic Tyler!

  • I haven’t checked here in a while! I’ve been at Club penguin. How here has a penguin? this comic is so funny! I like how its drawn.

  • zeel

    I got penguin. will that be 7 sepret art peces or wil u lump um together? I’m not alod to walch lost. funny comic that took a long time whar wer u for a week? now I cold understand if u aded like 25 more pages to the book but this is cindu disi pointing.

  • cool! a whole original art comic!!! 😀

  • io

    ill put my idea here again if anyone didn’t see it :
    once Osbourne gets his beak back, i think that wally and Osbourne should go to a research center. inside theres a TV. they turn it on. wally go to the cartoon channel. then, they see Penguino and the snow Kids is on. wally goes on another quest to find max.

  • Frekon

    Hello from russia! =p

  • Lee

    Can it really be a coincidence that today’s Funbrain strip is also about Wally climbing in lederhosen??? ??? ??? ?? ?

  • Definately worth the long wait. Great job!

  • 3g

    cool man i’m from gozo an island near sicily cool comic i read it all in 5 days man and told all my friends. nice drawings.
    PS; I’m not first as you can see

  • Chris

    I’m really glad to see some more of your hand drawn style making an appearance in the comic! Keep up the good work!

  • Andrew

    Hola!Funny comic!!

  • Andrew

    I made it back in!!Fire shoots up and I laugh!

  • Penguin Boy

    Hello. IT’S CUTE WIDDLE PENGIE WENGIE! I’m so cute in my penguin suit. Wally is quite a crazy mountain climber. I hope he gets to the top! Hello Penguin Guru. I had fish sticks for dinner Saturday night. Strange, I don’t like whole fish but I looove fish sticks soo much!

    (waddle waddle) Penguin Boy. (waddle waddle).

  • YYYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!! First 30!

  • i have a club penguin account wats your name Emporer penguin

  • oh no!!! wally lost his hat!!!! 🙁

  • The artwork in this comic is golden!

  • Matt_D

    It’s long way to the top, if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll!

  • It’s taking soooo looong, make him hurry, I wanna see how he beats Squak.

  • -The Adventures of The CLumsy Polar Bear Mountain Climber who Wants TO Defeat The Giant Petrel King And Figure Out WHy Osborne Is So QUiet And Maybe Someday Make History-

    (longest book title ever)
    me want comic please

  • Penguin Boy

    Wally’s tangled up.

  • wally

    I have a penguin named captainspud and great comic tyler

  • Hello Penguin Boy! zeel! Why aren’t you allowed to watch lost? Even though it’s old, this comic is still hillarious!

  • io

    great comic. 5th panel is great. dont get me mixed up, 5th NOT last.

  • zeel

    this comics been hear for to long it seems like les people are at this site since u stopt daly comics 🙁

    hay pl20(kayla) chek your E-mail!

    😈 how likes star wars ? 😈

  • I kindve like Star Wars

  • WALLT3330


  • Hello ! Is this an all-drawn piece , Tyler ?

  • Cristina

    i am having W&O withdrawls…..
    need new comic……
    hands shaking…….

  • Miss Piggy

    I just found this website, but I love these comics!!!!!! 😀
    I’ll have to start from the beginning and read them all!!!!
    This is going to take a while……

  • qtpa2tnh

    Ha , Tyler ! You can’t track this computer, because this is a Apple computer at the Apple Store in the Towson Town Center !

    Great comic !

  • my birthday was on april 24. 😀 ❗ .I am soooooooooooooooooo glad!I read the warriors(cats) series… 😮 …and i have 7 clubpenguinpenguins… 😛 …and i love the comic,found it by funbrain… 😎 …and GETMORECOMICSINORIWILLSENDMYHOURDONHOTRPINKBUNNYSAFTERU…(muse magazine) AND I WILL SEND KOKOPELII AND HIS PIES AFTER U( again, muse, also in indian mythology)AND I SHALLSENDMYPOLIMERECLAYCREAXCCHERS(I love polimer clay)
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  • *breath breath breath* ok, now that my temper is down, i really love the comic, t.m., but u really need to hurry.i also have ia list of websites i love. now go to any of them and 🙂 :mrgreen:

  • *breath breath breath* ok, now that my temper is down, i really love the comic, t.m., but u really need to hurry.i also have ia list of websites i love. now go to any of them and 🙂 :mrgreen: