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: These Boots Are Made For Climbing
Feb 14, 2007

Many of you are familiar with Wally’s Swiss Alps styled climbing gear. Not only is it questionable where he got it in the first place but also how quickly he is able to change into it. That’s a handy talent, would definitely shave some time off getting ready in the morning.

The original art is for sale as well as the previous “Snooping” one. I started it a bit higher (it is a great piece) and will lower it if there is no immediate interest. Thanks again to everyone that has purchased original art, you are helping support the comic as well as getting some great one of a kind artwork from Wally & Osborne history.

I thought it would make some cool wallpaper too. Movie poster style. This wallpaper also reveals Wally’s full name. It was originally suppose to appear in a comic a long time ago where Osborne hollers his full name at him, but I forgot to include it. So here it is first appearing in some silly Wallpaper. It is mentioned in the book too, boy, I need to get on that book…