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Sep 20, 2005
Max: Back In the Cave

If Batman lived in Antarctica, this could be his cave. He could hop on his Batboat and speed right out into open water.

  • wouldnt his tounge be frostbitten if he licked the ice for so long?

  • RW

    Well, it is blue.

  • good point there RW

  • bobo

    No it would just stick to the ice.

  • somebody

    and polar bear’s tongue is blue

  • what the duce?

  • Wally IS insane!

  • someone


  • someone


  • Dude, i would die lisening t that!

  • this is the best comic ever, not the akwards.. hihi 🙂

  • no i’v read better

  • Amy

    Let’s hope Osborne gets his wish. (Not really.)

  • baybay2

    wouldnt wallys tounge stick to the ice?!?!