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Jul 26, 2007
Jury Duty IV

So there is jury duty orientation, which basically consists of getting a number. There is no real orientation, you are not prepared, you have no idea what you are going to be doing.

What you end up doing is being escorted around from this room to that room to the the courtroom. You or told to rise, to sit, to go potty. There’s all this protocol and respect going on that you are not entirely informed of. It’s, dare I say… silly? I guess I’m just not used to so much “system” in place.

  • stumpoman

    Ah poor Osbourne. The will to live is what keeps him going. FIRST COMMENT! 😮

  • Chris

    YAY!! Second :mrgreen:
    I have to say, that I love your comics and I really hope you keep going like that!!
    Awesome job! 😉
    How about some waterbaloon-gags again…?

  • qtpa2tnh©2007,A.K.A.  Apple iMac,iPod,iPhone FREAK!!!

    Not ANOTHER storyline!Oh,I guess…By the way I was banned from the internet for a week,sorry.

  • bobby


  • shikra

    Sweet I got fourth! I love the jury duty comics. They are awesome!!!

  • Cristina

    lol i like how you didn’t give the juvies names, “the honerable ME prosiding!” 😛

  • waffle_man

    yay sixth
    er…..nope nothing yet (meep)

  • waffle_man

    yarr i’m all for some more water balloon ideas………..ooh ooh how about cement

  • waffle_man

    err yarr shikra

  • whitney1127 (crazycat12)

    awesome comic tyler that was funny 😆 =P

  • Brian.V.P.

    😐 Huh, real mature court.

  • Matt

    Wally should rescue osborne with water balloons.

  • Save the Wally!

    Or that “spray” method. 😆 😉

  • Sarah da penguin lvr

    the last bit of will to live that osborne had left? dont died osborne! :sad:

  • Sarah da penguin lvr

    ooops, i meant die… 😳

  • I love mraz

    ha! :mrgreen: i love it!!
    this ones pretty awesome.
    i like the juvies little outfit. 😛

  • dood

    HAHA! I think this is one of the best! :mrgreen: :smile: 😀 😛 hehehe

  • Phizlo

    HAHAHA!! Simon didn’t say . . 😎

  • snowyforest

    At least I’m in the top 20 comments. Anyway, this comic definitely goes into the top 15. I miss Wally. 😥

  • Bring Back Wally! =P

    Ooooh the gray baby penguin’s eyes on the second panel is sooo cute!!!! 😛 Can’t wait for the last Jury Duty comic. 😉

  • Save the Wally!

    Lol I see all these Wally smilies and only a few Ozzys… Tyler, you know who we want!! :mrgreen: :smile: 😕 😎 😀 😳 😛 😉 ➡ 😥 ➡ ❗ ❓

  • Wally Come Back!

    I agree with Save the Wally! and Bring Back Wally! =P. We all want Wally!!!! By the way, nice Jurassic Park images and InGen images you guys. :mrgreen: :smile: 😕 😎 😳 😛 😀 😉 ➡ 😥 ➡ ❓

  • Save the Wally!

    Thank you. BRING BACK THE WALLY! 😀 ❗

  • Poppy

    :mrgreen: :roll:
    :smile: 😐
    😎 😈
    😀 😯
    😕 😡
    😛 👿
    😳 😮
    😉 😆
    😥 :sad:

  • Poppy


  • Tre

    Some penguins just want to suck all the joy out of others…

    Apparently they believe that Oz is a good target.

  • Tre

    Not to mention will to live….

  • Poppy


  • Tre`

    YO TRE!!!!! WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!SPELLED THE SAME TOO! 😮 😎 any ways tyler great comics i love the expesion on osbornes face GO WALLY!!!!! :mrgreen: :smile: 😕 😎 😀 😳 😛 😉 😥

  • Tre`

    osbornes cool too 😐 😈 😯 👿 :roll: 😮 😆 😡 :sad:

  • Tre`

    😮 lol i love that smiley

  • Tre`

    by the way tyler do you hav any other web comics? just wondering ’cause ilove wally and osborne and would like to see more of your work
    😉 :smile: 😎

  • Poppy


  • Brian.V.P.

    You know how there’s 2 ‘Tre’s posting well I had to go to Brian.V.P. because there is a Brian and a Briguy posting so yah. :mrgreen:

  • Brian.V.P.

    Oh yah, Bring back Wally!!! :mrgreen: :smile: 😕 😎 😀 😳 😛 😉 😥

  • tre`

    ya well my name is with the little thingy see:tre` and the other one has no thingy see:tre

  • joe

    GO WALLY!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😎 😎