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Nov 21, 2006
Jamming To the Tunes

As long as Wally was enjoying himself. I like a lot of music, have a wide listening range even, but there is still some that I would no doubt prefer the static to.

Five Months Till Dark

Someone asked again about the long seasons without sun and without dark since I did another gag like that the other day with the stars. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but if you are at either of the poles, the sun just circles around you. This changes though when the season changes, then there is a moon circling. Depending on the area of Antarctica, there are places that do somewhat have days and nights when the sun comes up a little bit and then goes down a bit in between the two seasons, summer and winter. I found this video with some great footage of this, it is a time-lapsed year from the McMurdo station (the largest outpost in Antarctica located at the Antarctic coastline that is closest to the south pole) and some from the Amundsen-Scott base at the south pole as well. The poster shares that there they have about 4 months of light, 4 months of dark and more or less normal days in between. It’s cool to see the sun and moon traveling sideways.

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  • A.C

    So, so many bands that applies to! Wally trying to fit in with the cool penguin rocker crowd, or does he genuinely enjoy heavy metal?

  • Mia

    In the first panel it kind of looks like he’s hitting the radio! I love the third panel though, Wally’s face!! Osbourne obviously crushed his dream.

  • Anonymous

    Heavy Metal!

  • zeel

    neeeeeeeeeed a water buloon gag soon pleas

  • Jai Inder Singh

    HAHAHA! Heavy Metal. I favor Primus over anything else, but yes I agree, sometimes it sounds like static. I am more of a Jazz Musician anyway. Yes, awesome.

  • zeel

    I reeeely want to know how wally got to ant arctica I can’t stand not knowing it wald make a prety good strip

  • zeel

    what looks better zeel,ZEEL,Zeel,or ZeeL

  • Ferrety Penguin

    i like lisening to static..but sometimes it makes me have to pee..

  • zeel

    Ferrety Penguin Says you are gros

  • zeel


  • zeel

    wally cald get a cd player

  • Cristina

    Osborne looks irritated, I imagine listining to static for a whole morning would get really old really quick.

  • Mic

    This Comic Is Cool!!!!

  • Phizlo


  • Ooooooooooh, poooor Wally on the 3rd panel. I think he needs a hug!

  • Carlyneese!!???

    I GET IT

  • Wally P. Bear

    In real life static sounds nothing like Heavy metal…But it’s still funny. : )

  • Wally P. Bear

    Osborne ruins everything…well, pretty much everything.

  • zeel


  • Ishmael

    staic sounds cool

  • Wally P. Bear

    Hello, zeel

  • Wally P. Bear

    and Ishmael

  • Phill

    That video is awesome.

  • heehee!! hilarious comic!!! oh and Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it!!!
    sarah 😀

  • Cornstalk

    Hi y’all I like country music!!!

  • Cristina

    Hi Cornstalk.

  • Cornstalk

    thanks for responding to me Cristina- nobody responded last time I posted something. 🙁

  • SportyBlonde!

    Awww… Poor Wally!

  • SportyBlonde!

    PS- Thank you, Tyler, for explaining why it would take 5 months to get dark!

  • Sev

    Yeah, Static is less Heavy Metal and more Black Metal.

    But Wally isn’t a scholar. He just knows what he likes.

    And he likes the voices of stars and the eternal echo of creation.

    That’s what Static is. Kinda poetic if you ask me.

  • zeel

    wen you think abot it Sev is completely right

  • Wally is sooo funny looking in the 3rd panel. And sarah, who dosn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’AL!!!

  • wit

    Wally is a closet Iron Maiden fan. Happy Turkey Day

  • hey people
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    hey guess what? i get to see Happy Feet tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    and sarah one time someone on this site said they dont have
    thanksgiving in holland.

    Wally looks so sad in the third panel. 😥
    why did osborne have to ruin his fun?

  • and zeel i think ZEEL looks best 🙂

  • Up there was not me. 🙁
    Osborne was not allowed to spoil Wally’s music, even if it was static. 🙂
    Hey, Hannah, are you still doing penguin facts?

  • Frank

    Go Osborne! Go Osborne!

    Well I Live in the U.S And Dont Celabrate Thanksgiving

  • Dorlaem

    beuh, no thanksgiving in holland Hannah… I’d like the food =p
    (I said they don’t have it, if someone still didn’t figure that out)

    but we have “Sinterklaas”, much like santaclaus, but then again.. a whole different celebration..

    beuh.. boring

    Let’s listen to Heavy metal instead.. err.. static noise :p

  • Andrew


  • Jai Inder Singh

    Zeel, I am definitely interested. I am perchance make fun you of grammar nd spellink, but maybe you from around here not, yes? I mean it is way out there, so I want to hear your story before I become nice or evil, in your general direction. I’m mostly evil, as the people here can tell you, but I am to be also foreign from Americas, teek? So maybe you too are not? And then maybe I teaches you to evil be inderundergrunderjumbits. Looks cooler, maybe Zeal. Spelling correct, bork bork bork! Ok you’ve weedled your way into my heart. I forgive you for your terrible spelling, grammar and syntax.

  • Jai Inder Singh

    In conclusion, one should not presume lver to neccesarily mean lover. Sorry Sarah. I thought you were a penguin liver. Perhaps tomorrow you can be penguin intestines.

  • German Nightmare

    And a strip like this one is the reason why Wally and Osborne are my favorites!!!

    (Besides, someone please give Wally in pic 3 a hug!)

  • Alexis :o)

    I’m baaaacccccccck!
    I just read all the comics!

  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Last Thanksgiving Tyler made a comic about Osborne being a Thanksgiving penguin instead of a Thanksgiving turkey. Happy Holidays everybody!!!
    P.S. The comic I just mentioned was a Travel Ad one. I miss those. Please do some more. Along with some Water Baloon gags.

  • Zack

    oOoO Hi. Happy Thanksgiving. lol, me and wally are alike in music, GO STATIC XD er i mean “Heavy Metal”

  • Peinguin Master

    hey this comic rocks and i listen to heavy metal every once in a while and hannah your back were so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but i guess you ran out of peinguin facts maybe you should get someone to follow in your footsteps but not me and does anyone think i should change my name

  • kaiti

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! does wally eat turkey?

  • :LOVE:


  • Hahah, in my opinion Screamo sounds like static more than anything, even though it’s one of my favorite kinds of music… heh.

  • Sheena

    Wow…static music. 🙂 The day/night video was reaaaaaaaallllly cool. 😀 I wish I could see the sun go round and round.