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Dec 27, 2005
Deserted Island: The Tree

Wally could have a job as an ice sculptor. I believe that is actually a coconut palm.

  • Pieter

    Wally keeps impressing me 😀

  • Matt

    The bigger question is…

    How does Wally know what a palm tree looks like?

  • Tyler Martin

    Well, he is a world traveler.

  • Oliver

    He’s a polar bear in antarctica. He’s clearly been around.

  • SuperVegito

    Wally’s Weird and Scary he’s on my list on Worst People To Stuck On an Island With, and he’s second only to Barney The Purple Dinosaur

  • hterry

    Hiya, good cartoon you got here, came via Dog Eat Doug.

    As for Barney, I’d have to find something to kill him immediately!

  • Tyler Martin

    Wally, though annoying at times, could at least make it fun.

    Hi hterry, thanks for visiting. It was swell of Brian to link over here, Dog Eat Doug is a cute comic, I’m hoping he does really well with his syndication.

  • Izzieluv

    Yes but imagine it without wally!
    that would be pointless!

  • The Angel

    Wally probably bought a book all about palm trees off Ebay.

  • bobo

    i duot it wulod make a good fire.

  • axis

    wally…… suck

  • super penguin

    wally is good at making stuff

  • Poppy

    Yum Coconut! Hawiian party in 16 Days I will be 8!

    • http://GirlsGoGames Jenny

      Party? What party?

  • Poppy

    I am 8 now! 😎

  • http://GirlsgoGames Jenny

    It’s only made of snow!