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: Deserted Island: Snowconuts
Dec 28, 2005

Snow coconuts are probably a lot easier to open than real coconuts. Whenever I get a coconut it usually sits in the fruit basket till it goes bad. Apparently I don’t really know how to open them as it usually just results in a mess which was preluded by violent acts with various crude instruments.

I think I’m fighting sickness but I have too much coffee in me to know. I’m posting yesterday’s comic today. I’m not sure I even know what day it is. Hopefully things will get back on schedule by the first. For now let’s see how deep down the rabbit hole Wally takes Osbourne.

Penguin Cam!

On the Rocks reader Ana by way of the forum has shared with us a link to a great penguin cam site that’s updated every 15 minutes. The cameras are located on the Antarctic peninsula and are catching images of a gentoo penguin colony. One camera zeroes in right on a nest with two chicks you can watch grow in realtime. It’s summer there now, with the sun always up you should be able to see the pictures any time of the day. Here’s the link: