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: Deserted Island: Stranded
Dec 26, 2005

In addition to not knowing which way to go, it’s probably kind of hard to tell direction when the sun is just circling in the sky and there are no stars… and your island is moving. Stuck on an island with Wally, at this point we can only wonder if Osbourne might be safer in the water with the leopard seal.

Japan Ups Its Whale Hunting In Antarctica

Greenpeace has been busy lately trying to interfere with Japanese whalers in Antarctica that have doubled their planned whale catch as well as including rare and endangered species. Also, Australia in general is not happy with it and things could get ugly. Japan claims it’s research but critics say it’s a cover for commercial whaling as whale meat is a delicasy in high class Japanese restaurants. In 1986, Japanese commercial whaling was abandoned in line with an international moratorium, but the following year came back with what it called a “research program” of hunting whales. Track original articles via Yahoo! News:

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Greenpeace, Japanese whalers still at sea — and at odds