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Dec 13, 2007
Chain Letter

A quick note… the original art for yesterday’s comic is still available.

And for today, yeah, good old chain letters, I’m sure some of them are still making their way around from years ago… wait, I hope not, that’s sad. Always delete them and take the chance of that one death, lay low for a day or two, you don’t want to try to trick the system and be attempting to dodge the evil Osborne has brought down upon himself. 😉

For those of you not familiar with how Wally & Osborne aquired computer access, read on here.

  • Nice, daily comics :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • Ian McConnell

    2ed comment c’mon osbourne it is just a superstishon {yes I spelled a word wrong} 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😆

  • Ramon

    This is pretty funny – for some reason I found Wally’s comment hilarious.

  • LOL!!!! Glad to see you are back around and alive Tyler! Love the new comics! 😛

  • Anonymous

    man i really hate those emails 😡

  • wigle

    that was 1 of my fav comics!! it was sooooo funny :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • spanishbob

    This is great! And I loved Air Guitar too! It was so me! !!!!!!!!! !!! (I just love exclamation points, don’t you)!

  • bennnnnn

    😎 New comics! Yay!

    three months was a long time though.

  • Aelynia

    Question: It seems that Osbourne’s problemo is that he had no adresses to forward the stoopid chain mail to, right? I mean, as a penguin living in Antartica, he’s probably the only person he knows who has a computer. Who the hell sent a PENGUIN an EMAIL? O_________o

  • Dying a thousand times . . That’s pretty unfortunate. 😯 Me, I just delete the letter and never worry bout it. 😀

  • k-razykid2000

    im gonna die a million timnes! 😥

  • Chain letters are stupid but funny! Anyway good comics Tyler!

  • Oh ya, it’s pretty unlikely that the computers commenected with some magical force were stars collide and worlds collapse making some sort of butterfly affect killing you. I thought Osbourne was the smart one. 👿 hey!

  • Sorry for so many comments but it just hit me! he can send a chain letter to one of the accounts hes already sent it to so he doesn’t have to make so many!

  • i always send a chain letter . i once saw one thats been on for 8 years. 😮 😮 😈 😈 😈 . i dont really like chain letters.


  • I didn’t know that Osborne STILL had computer acces!!

  • You’re alive again!!! Yayy Tyler.
    I get offended when I get chain letters like
    that. It’s totally rude. It plays on people’s
    vulnerabilities and superstitions.

  • Yeah a 3 month gap of utter disposition if you ask me!

  • ambird

    im an ambird!!
    tweet tweet!!!
    osbornes gonna die!!

  • Mr. Random

    I really don’t get y people would rite that a chan letter hasbeengoing around since 1800 when computers for citizens were made during the 60’s…. weird.