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: Air Guitar
Dec 12, 2007

I have a couple slobber guitars myself. I have some other slobber sound effects as well, these are used when you are pretending to do something to someone up in their face, like pummeling them perhaps, maybe slashing them with an imaginary light saber, it’s so much more effective with your own added sound effects, them being drenched with your saliva is just a necessary side effect. It’s a sound effect side effect.

guitar-hero.gifAnd we all own an air guitar, maybe even a set of air drums, because deep down inside we are all rock stars. Speaking of which, my cousin gave me Guitar Hero 2 with a couple guitar controllers a couple months ago and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. In fact, just got Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s in the mail from Gamefly yesterday… “and I ra-a-an, i ran so far a-way-ay-ay…” so I’ve got some serious pretend guitar rocking out to do. You know, as you get to playing the harder levels it starts to seem that it would be a lot easier just to learn to actually play the songs… with an actual guitar, and then actually have learned to actually play them… but there wouldn’t be any scoring system. 😉

The original art for this comic is available for purchase here as well as a few pages left from the Quest For the Beak storyline and marked down as well.