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: Colossal Squid
Dec 14, 2007

See yuh Wally, I’ve decided it will be more of a challenge to write with just one character. 😯 Also, the original art for this strip is available for purchase.

The colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) which is thought to grow up to 13 or 14 meters long is even larger than the giant squid which is estimated to average about 10 meters long. It is known to live in Antarctic waters and has the largest eye in the animal kingdom. Just like the giant squid, they are known to battle with sperm whales. Their tentacles are shorter than the giant squid but their mantle (head) is much larger. Also, rather than having suckers lined with small “teeth”, their suckers have swiveling hooks… yikes!

A full specimen was discovered on the surface of the water in the Antarctic back in 2003. Then in February of 2007, a fishing boat caught the largest known specimen in Antarctica’s Ross sea (10 meters long and 495 kilograms or 33 feet and 1,091 pounds).