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Jul 3, 2006
A New Home

Welcome to the new home of Wally and Osborne, please change your bookmarks to:

This actually begins a new storyline to find Wally and Osborne an actual home as opposed to just living randomly on the ice. I just thought it would be great to time it with them getting their new home on the web as well.

One Year Anniversary!

That’s right, July 4th (tomorrow technically) marks one year of the comic being on the web. When I started the project I told myself I would work hard at it for a year and then sit back and see where I’m at with it or where I want to go with it. I’ve had a great time doing the comic and chatting with you readers over this last year. I am proud to have the comic syndicated at the Funbrain site. I’m starting to put the first book collection together. I’ve decided everything is great and to press on, not a thing I would change… well, except the name.

Name Change?

Yes, the comic will now be known as “Wally & Osborne” rather than “On the Rocks”. We will consider On the Rocks the project or working title for its first year. It wasn’t an easy decision after promoting it with that name, but one I made long ago as I’ve never really liked the name to begin with. I just kind of picked it because it seemed clever, people working in Antarctica actually use the term to refer to it. To me though it just feels so generic, being such a common phrase, one that normally applies to alcoholic drinks or shakey marriages, neither which associate with Wally and Osborne. “Wally & Osborne” was also to be the title for any of the longer format comic book stories I was going to do. It is much more unique to the duo and should be better for searching them out online or in future book catalogs. Many cartoon and comic characters have had good success using the characters name, I think it helps them be more identifiable and strengthens the fact that the comic is their own. Harder was the decision to change the spelling of Osbourne to Osborne (if you caught that). Osborne is the more common spelling, shorter, and really reads better so I’ll be omitting some u’s from the old comics.

So yeah, one year kicked in the butt, a name change and a brand new site. Thanks for sticking with me and reading. Here’s to a brand new year of fun. Cheers!

  • tux

    šŸ™ I always liked “On the Rocks”, but I’ll get used to the new name, can’t get by without my fix of Wally and Osbourne šŸ™‚

  • izzieluv

    wow, awsome, i like the new name and the new layout, i didn’t get why it was called ont he rocks! They really do need an established place, cus really how would you know you were in the same spot every time, hey, are they gonna get a new home like the website did? šŸ˜€

  • Lee

    If I have one quibble, it is that the black text on ochre background in the middle column can be a little hard to read. Maybe white or light blue text would work better.

    Anyway, assuming you can read this, I’ve moved and updated the Wikipedia article, and the List of Webcomics article, to reflect the new title and URL.

  • Zer0s

    Yes, I agree with the above poster. An idea would be to use the rightmost wallpaper, the light ocre one instead of the current darker ocre-brownish. Then it would be easier to read.

    Anyways, I’ve been a reader ever since… I found a link in CAD perhaps? and stuck with your comic from then on. It’s a great one. Congrats.

  • SuperVegito

    Happy Aiversary Tyler its the 4th of July now here in India (12:40am) its gonna be tuff to switch from On The Rocks(Which I Simply Love) to Wally & Osbourne(Kinda Cool) but i’ll get used to it

  • Mangas

    Wow, change is nice^^
    Congrats with your one year anniversary!

  • Aaron

    Well, I found this lovely little comic late in July of ’05. And I’ve enjoyed it from the start! I liked “On the Rocks” but I can get used to the new name quickly.

    Here’s to another year of great comics featuring Wally & Osborne!

  • Hannah

    I’m sure I will get used to all these changes,
    but I think I liked “On the Rocks”

    But i really hate the new spelling of OSBOURNE!!!!!
    I like Osbourne much better than Osborne.
    I just like the first one better.
    But I guess I didn’t notice the no “u” in the title,
    so I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
    But just looking at just doesn’t look right!!!!

    Well anyway even with the changes to the sight,
    I’ll keep reading these cuz they’re so AWESOME!!!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜Æ

    And Yay for the WALLY AND OSBOURNE first anniversary!!!!
    dangit I spelled Osborne wrong……

  • Hannah

    hey what happened to the Wally and Osbourne I mean
    Osborne emoticons!?!?!

  • yay! new site looks neat. although i think it would fit rather to some medieval setting type of webcomic. i liked the old site and the old name, but neither are going to chase me away from your terrific strips in the future!

    did i hear “comic book”? i’m buying one.

  • Matt_D

    I don’t usually like to brag, but i’ve been reading this comic since the start B-)

  • Rick

    I think Black Text is just fine.

    I also think… ahh never mind

  • Sev

    Dude, these here new backgrounds are the snaz itssself.

  • BriGuy

    Ohh! Cool new format. I liked the old format, but I’m loving this too. It looks medieval. I’m looking forward to another great year with the strip. šŸ™‚

  • PurpleKoopa

    Nice new site. It’s not medieval, I think, more like orangey steel for boats in Antartica. Oh yeah, and you might want to change some of the stuff in the “Extras” section of the site.

  • Hey, I love the new look and I’ll get used to the new name. Any idea when you’ll be uploading new advertising banners?

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Nice work Tyler! GREAT! Now I gotta revamp MY site… : ) And everything is very readable to me – black text in comments, everything looks good (If anyone has problems reading the comments or news, you can bump up the font size in most any browser). Congrats on your anniversary and keep up the good work!

  • Happy first anniversary and since they say a change is as good as a holiday, hope your vacation goes swimmingly.

  • Phizlo

    Cool backgroud and happy anniversary to the New and Improved On the Rocks Website! Wait I mean the New and Improved Wally and Osbourne Website! D’oh, I mean the New and Improved . . . you get the meaning . . .

  • a reader


    …at least, to the u-mission. The colors are sweet and though the name seems less t-shirt worthy the subtitle remains marketable.

    In protest of Osbourne’s new name I will now try weakly not to read your comic first on my list for the next day or so.

    …I expect only vague success…

    rock on.

  • WeirdLurker

    Whoa! This new home knocked me off my feet!

  • Wow, I just spent a few hours reading all of these from Nov. ’05! I had forgotten about this untill tonight. šŸ˜€ Happy One Year Anniversary!(or soon to be in 30mins at Mississippi)

  • Alice

    The new website is great!
    It is long time I wanted to write here and this seems a good occasion.

    Wally and Osborne are hilarious and I like the posts which accompany them.

    Still I prefered the old title,

  • SuperVegito

    Just a Thought Tyler… U Might Wanna Change Some Names like Shop On The Rocks
    and On The iPOD and u still hafta redo all the banners i mean it wud really suck if every1 clicks on a link to on the rocks and the site dosent exist anymore.
    btw i love this new layout sorta Fairytaleish

  • Ashley

    Well, I love the new layout, but I miss “On the Rocks” lol, I bet I’ll get used to it though. Happy 1st year for the comic!!

  • Sheena

    (p.s. Happy REALLY belated anniversary, I just moved and I couldn’t keep up with the sight.)
    P.P.S. I was overreacting. I’ll still read the site, but reluctantly.

  • Sheena

    Whoops. Sorry. I thought the anniversary had passed. I just moved across the world to another continent, so I’m really messed up.

  • Sheena

    Sorry for triple-posting, but I have to ask: what’s next, Wally’s name being changed to Wallace permanantely? :6

  • Athena

    why did you name it on the rocks in the first place? wouldn’t it have made more sense to name it “on the snow” or “on the bottom of the earth”? just a thought. but I like the site. it looks orangy, and oranges are good for your health. šŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    i like the new layout but i’m gonna miss ” On the Rocks ” i liked how it had nothing to do with the comic… anyway i’m looking forward to what kind of home they will live in

  • Couple things…

    THING ONE: I like the new home, though I, too, will need to adjust to Wally & Osborne as the name.

    THING TWO: I updated the link from my place.

    AND, OKAY, THREE THINGS: Congrats on a year of publishing the strip. That’s significant — and so is your reach. Well done.

  • Mysterygal

    I luv this comic. I read it everyday!!

  • bob smity

    this website suks now. >:o it will turn alot of ppl down!

  • Jai Inder

    I don’t know man… Osborne & Wally come ever closer to becoming Calvin & Hobbes. I mean before it was On the Rocks… now… oh well, your comic not mine, and I’m not even good at drawing, do what you want.

  • Sev

    I don’t believe that is a fair assessment. Granted the comic features two friends, one of whom is short and the other is tall. However, Wally and Osbourne don’t match up very well with Calvin or Hobbes. Calvin was an imaginative child with a massive vocabulary. Hobbes was a reflective, generally quiet yet playful character. Furthermore, whereas Calvin & Hobbes focused on escape from the mundane through fantasy, I should say Wally & Osborne is mundanity over a backround of fantasy. That is, Calvin would have pictured icebergs in suburbia, while Wally plays with water baloons among the icebergs.

  • Lydia

    So I’ve been ill for a couple of days (and I MEAN ill) but I pootle back today to get my fix of polarbeary (?) goodness and OH MY GOD! I LOVE the new layout, not sure about the new name as I liked the old one but I’m sure it will grow on me. But it is like have a specail, welcome back from pukecity present! YAY!

    And YAY for one year of Wally and Osborne!

  • SuperVegito

    @ Tyler : Dude You ROCK!!! The New Themes Feature is Awesum. Those Who Like OTR can use the OTR Theme and the Rest can use the WAO theme

    BTW PPL Theres a Little link called THemes on the bottom left side of the page below the SUBSCRIBE Button if you don’t like the present theme as much as the old one you can click on On The Rocks and switch back to the old one ^_^

  • ffffffffff

    I do NOT like this new layout or the new name (for Osborne and the title)

  • qwertyuiop

    even though i loved the name “on The Rocks” and the old lay out, this new one iws even cooler(pun intended;)

  • bob

    i disagre with you i think that On the rocks is a better name and where’s the Wally and Osborne emoticons!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    First off, congrats for pulling such a thing through for a whole year (and apparently, more to come).

    About the changes:
    – I think I liked “On the Rocks” a bit more, because it brings some imagery with it – it is intriguing. “Wally & Osborne”, on the other hand, is rather bland for someone who doesn’t already know the strip.
    – The new layout is very nice by itself. The only thing I find odd is that it is held in extremely *warm* colors?! The old layout, while more spartanic, fit better with the “lots of cold & white” theme.
    – To me, “Osbourne” has more flair than “Osborne”. It sounds more artistic and extravagant than the rather sober “Osborne”.

  • Hannah


  • yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweat asome! what are we talcking about?

  • CAD

    Water finds it own level every time. Conceptually this article (A New Home) is sound and I agree whole heartedly. I personally think it relates to CAD as well, IMHO.

  • What happened before:”I like living in the shed with that computer. I would surf the web all day.” “But I think we’ll need a bigger shed.” “I know, hmmmmmmm…” “What?” “Maybe….”