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: Water Balloon: Helium
Nov 7, 2005

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another “water balloon” gag strip. I wasn’t sure how to end this one since the last one Wally was running away and that seemed hard to top. First I did this the last frame with Wally sucking his thumb and had thought about doing him in the fetal position. It didn’t seem to work right though so I switched him to the expression you see now, which was actually the first plan for the last frame. I don’t know what I’ll do next, I’ll have to have Wally’s head explode or something. Maybe show him in a travel agency purchasing tickets to Switzerland.

Sorry about the late updates lately, or the late in the day updates. I’m going to try to get my schedule switched around so the comic for the day is on the page first thing in the morning for you. Also I’m switching the software that runs the comic, the new system should have some better features especially in the archiving department, all the comics will be named and searchable, and hopefully easier to find if you wanted to look up an old one, also you will be able to leave comments for specific strips. Hopefully have it up this week.