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: Things They Wouldn’t Believe
Feb 1, 2006

Heh, look at him go, like a happy dog after a trim and a bath. He should also be happy because coming up on the 27th of this month is International Polar Bear day so be sure to mark your calendar… and um… do something for polar bears that day. Maybe drive your car less to reduce global warming or something, I don’t know. Have a Klondike bar. 😉

The hull on those icebreaking ships have to be reinforced steel that stays strong in those insanely low temperatures. They are also front heavy and have a more gradually sloped bow. That way their large diesel engines (some are even nuclear powered) can thrust them up onto the ice to then crush it, they will sometimes need to back up and ram an area of ice a few times to break it up. On the open sea they tend to not be very fuel efficient and have a sway that can easily cause seasickness. Apparently some technological advances are starting to remedy those issues.

I know if I were a penguin out on the open ice and saw that coming, I’d be pretty freaked out.