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: The Ramp V
Aug 22, 2007


  1. nemo says:

    u can keep yerself entertained wit da comments. its pretty easy actully. hey poppy: were do u get yer facts? just curious. =D la dee da dee da. NEW COMIC IM BORED!!!!!!!!!so is wally and osborne 🙁 😥 ❗ ❗ ❗

  2. cloud says:

    wally and osborne are poor now because they’re not working! bring back comic or they will be hungry and cold! 😡

  3. ❓ its been almost a month. is it b-cuz of your new cute creation? its crying and sleeping and pooping and crying…..

  4. sac says:

    i missed something i went to funbrain and it was gone??? 😥 now im all confused wat happened tto the house thing?

  5. sac says:

    plus ive read these comments (i was bored) and i thihnk we need a new comic, but he just had a baby and hees working, he’s got to provide for four plus himself now. Wally Osborne Rhoan and his wife. We are all with you Tyler

  6. sac says:

    wow i need to learn how to speel better (lol just joking) spell*

  7. Poppy says:

    nemo, I get them from one of my CD-ROMs. Zoo Tycoon. You may notice that the creatures are all endangered.
    The Bowhead Whale!
    The Bowhead Whale has a huge,unique mouth. :mrgreen:

  8. nemo says:

    ahhhhh. i used 2 have that game. i didn’t realize it was educational. i think i have that game… eeny who… bibi!!!!! ily everybody!!!!

  9. nemo says:

    i just sed i had that game twice… im stupid.

  10. bob says:

    😳 😎 😎 😆 😆 😆 😀 😛 😉 😮 😡 ❗ 😉 😳 👿 😎 😕 😎 :mrgreen: I suffer from the lach of comics

  11. kingjohnny says:

    Is it jst me, or did they giv there house away 2 the little demented penquin dude? Wat is their house??? Look at panel 3

  12. sac says:

    i got that zoo tycoon game 1 or 2 i got both. Zoo vet has facts too.

  13. King Penga I says:

    Oops! 2 facts for you!
    The Pacific Warlrus!
    The walruses’ scientific name means “tooth-walker” 🙄
    The Elephant Seal!
    The northen elephant seal is the 2nd largest seal in the world! 😛

  14. Poppy says:

    Sorry! That was me, Poppy.

  15. Phizlo says:

    I think the record comments is like 350 or something. 😯 Oh, and global warming’s kicking in. The Arctic is melting and the polar bears might die! 😥 Here’s the story:

    I hope a new comic comes in soon! 🙂

  16. nemo says:

    sac: y isn’t it nice? u just left a somewhat random comment. And it isn’t entirely my fault. tyler needs 2 post a new comic. but im not saying its his fault either. Wally and osborne, (mostly wally) if your listening, i sory. 🙁 please don’t belly bop me. :mrgreen:

  17. Sumpal says:


    Nice ramp gag. This site wasn’t updated in a while.

  18. blorg3325 says:

    :mrgreen: : + 😳

    Ya need to make more bears in these comics

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