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: Spray Method
Jan 22, 2007

Yup, Wally once again is trying out his punishment methods in an attempt to train some chinstrap penguins not to fight. Sorry for such a late update today, hopefully the big strip makes it more worth it, they are fun to do and I like how the overall layout of them.

I don’t remember ever trying the spray method with any dogs I’ve had. It seems like they would actually like it, I can picture them licking and biting at the mist. I guess they have some citrus or vinegar solutions you can add to make it less pleasant. In the event it does no good, perhaps it gives a frustrated owner an outlet in pretending to shoot their dog in the face.

Interviews & Reviews!

I totally forgot to mention this extensive interview with me at Comixpedia. Also Wally & Osborne got a brief review at Newsarama along with the other seven Lunchbox Funnies comics.