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: Something Different
Feb 6, 2007

In case you’ve missed out, which you shouldn’t have because Wally & Osborne has an RSS feed or you can even follow it at LiveJournal… Osborne’s beak fell off and it was stolen by a Skua. Which triggered an absurd little storyline of sorts.

Now I can ride through the rest of the year with comics about how Wally cannot figure out what is different about Osborne. This is gonna be great, and easy breezey for this comic creator. I’m serious, it’s happening.

And as always, the original art for this strip is available for purchase. There are a now even a couple pieces available, first come first serve.


  1. holy cow!!! i have first comment!!! i never thought this would happen!!! 😯 oh, and osborne is way cute in the third panel!

  2. dang! original art is ex-pennnnn-sive (or it is for a thirteen year old with only about $15-*sigh*)

  3. Ishmael says:

    He looks so young.

  4. BriGuy says:

    Osborne is probably getting really annoyed at Wally at this point. I hope Osborne will find a way to communicate with Wally so we are not stuck with only Wally’s being clueless for many strips to come. 😐

    Even though I knew Osborne was the smarter of the bunch I always gave him more credit than not knowing when a penguins beak was missing

  5. Jonah says:

    Dude I love the daily updates!

  6. Osborne looks so cute when he doesn’t have a beak

  7. This will be an interesting series of comics. I wonder when he will be his beak back? Never! *gasp*

    At this point, if i were osborne I would have given up on Wally and if I was in a bad mood I would have slapped him silly to get back for the luchbox incident.

  8. tux says:

    I think that could make a pretty cool desktop, if possible could there be 1680×1050 resolutions of some of the wallpapers too? It’s always difficult finding wallpapers for my widescreen 20″.

  9. Penguin Guru says:

    Hey Hannah! My calender said it was Waitingi Day in New Zeland too. Cool! That is such a cute picture! Can you say… Wallpaper?

  10. Jamie (I looove penguins) says:

    haha wow…Wally really come on now….:) This is hilarious!

  11. Osborne looks soooo cute in the third panel!!! Osborne does have different feathers,on his head! hey Tyler feeling a bit better now?hope you are well 🙁

  12. By the way Tyler Osbornes feet r wrong.The feet have webs between the toes,penguins dont have duck feet.oh if this is original art im so buying it!!!

  13. Matt says:

    Such a cute third panel. Reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek 2.

  14. zeel says:

    hehe third panel priceles such a puppy face I wish I cold buy it…

    well yesterday and the day befor wer snow days umforyunitly it was to cold to go outside and have fun in the snow oh well today is school…

  15. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    AwWwWwWw…..Poor Osbourn!!!

  16. Jarekk says:

    You’re right. Now, he’s a really poor penguin. And his hair’s so cute. 😉

  17. SuperVegito says:

    dang the 3rd panel is so cute that its scary nice strip tyler

  18. hey im Canadian Mooseman (just thought id clear that up) i love the new story line tyler

  19. (Tyler I’m looking for more people to visit my website so please don’t get mad for advertising on your comic website.)
    Hi please vist !!!
    (Thank you)
    Will osborne ever get his beak back? I cant wait to find out!

  20. Anonymous says:

    third panel should be an icon

  21. New Guy says:

    Osbourne looks smaller.

  22. Cristina says:

    Osborne looks so sad and pitiful without his beak.
    i don’t think wally is helping the situation any.

  23. Phizlo says:

    Poor Osborne without a beak to talk with . . . Poor Wally for not finding an obvious thing everyone knows about except for Wally himself . . . When will he EVER FIND OUT?! 🙂 It was that toothbrush’s fault in the first place. Or was it Osborne for not brushing his beak??? Erghh . . . 🙁

  24. thats so funny that he even has his hand where osbournes beak should be and he still didnt notice.

  25. GO 2:
    ITS SO COOL!!!

  26. Sheena says:


  27. Sheena says:

    Sorry about that. Cute comic! 🙂
    I seriously don’t want this to go on for a year!

    • Sureerat says:

      And so thinking (so far as dogs can think in their cearful relating to a world seen almost wholly through feelings), Kojak drifted down deeper, now into real sleep, now into a dream, a good dream of chasing rabbits through the clover and timothy grass that was belly high and wet with soothing dew. His name was Big Steve. This was the north forty. And oh the rabbits are everywhere this gray and endless morning As he dreamed, his paws twitched.

  28. OrAnGe JuIcE says:

    Awwww…. he just looks like that cute little puppy at the local petstore that just BEGS to br taken home.
    P.S. Tyler, I looked at the original art, and you have very pretty handwriting, or at least WWWWWWAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY better than mine. For some reason all the guys I know have terrible handwriting. Maybe it’s just them. But my Math professor always makes fun of guys with nice handwriting, so maybe that’s why they won’t show themselves…

  29. Osborne look so cute in the third panel! AWWWWWW!!!!!

  30. polaryoung says:

    osborne looks like an orca’s head with feet! poor beakless osborne. 🙁

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