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: Skipping Stones
Nov 15, 2006

The real trick is getting that perfect disc-like stone. Always rewarding to see them get over five skips or so. A penguin might work but you probably got to get a good spin on them.

Leopard Seal: 1 – Penguins: 1

National Geographic posted a video on Monday of a leopard seal versus some emperor penguins. It is a bit graphic as one penguin gets away, but one doesn’t. Watch the video at National Geographic.


  1. Da Penguin Masta says:

    The good ol’ days, those dayswhen I would sit down on the beach, and just skip stones for about 30 minutes. Ah, those days bring back very fond memories!

  2. SportyBlonde! says:

    LOL!!! I used to do that all the time! (with rocks that is…)

  3. Andrew says:


  4. Ferrety Penguin says:

    im like wally… i cant skip rocks to save my life

  5. Sev says:

    No water in these parts wide enough for skipping, but there are few better sounds than that of a huge mud clod going down.

  6. Peinguin Master says:

    hey i live on a lake what do you think i do on a boring day and that was a good comic and i dont think wally ever threatend osbourne EVER weird

  7. Ishmael says:

    OSBORNE RUN!!!!!!!!!!

  8. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    Run Osborne!!! Run!!!! Skipping rocks…. such good memories….except when someone is skipping rocks in the exact place you are swimming in…yea….thats not fun…:D

  9. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    (the national geographic video) The Leopard Seal Cheated!!!! Awww poor penguin! well the seals gotta eat too i guess…but still poor penguin. 🙁

  10. S. Monkey says:

    Ahhh the good ol’ days. Sitn’ back and skipn’ penguins. Good times good times. =) how do face???

  11. hey people
    i suck at skipping rocks too…
    never had a single skip…
    Happy Feet comes out tomorrow!!!!
    yay 😀

  12. Sheena says:

    Ha ha peoples, I am the ROCK SKIPPING MASTER!! Once, I got 7 SKIPS out of this pink flat stone. Cool, huh? Just look at the shape of the rock Wally’s skipping! Huh, amatuers. 🙂 😉

  13. Anonymous says:

    Go on Wally do it go go go! once i got 12 skips it true 😎

  14. zeel says:

    I wander if wally wald aktoly tri somethig like that

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