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Sep 29, 2006

Being trapped in a hole with Wally could prove worse than on a small island with him.

Alaskan Storm Cracks Antarctic Iceberg

A recent study shows that a storm in Alaska last October sent waves 8,300 miles to the south which destroyed a large iceberg off Antarctica six days later. The swell must have been traveling close to 60 miles per hour. Read more here.


  1. Penguin Guru says:

    Hey Tyler, We have Current Events in science class and the guy next to me had a report on that wave. I hope no penguins were hurt! Funny comic!

  2. Jonah says:

    What it has a exit hole?

  3. Zack says:

    lol that is hilarious

  4. Phizlo says:

    HA HA HA!:)

    How are they going to get out?

  5. Cat says:

    Okay, I usually try and stay away from doing this kind of stuff, but…
    omigoshwallywassooooocute! ^^ hee hee!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a way to get out of a pit:

    …just a thought.

  7. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    *osbourne thinks to self with worried face*”…help…”
    *wally says out loud* “Look im a Black bear!! hehehe”
    Silly Wally!

  8. Sheena says:

    Okay… Wally is just being weird and I have no idea what he’s trying to do, but he’s also so CUTE!!! 😀 😀 He just looks so huggable, even if he’s dirty. 🙂

  9. Sheena says:

    yay!! I didn’t break the page format!!!! 🙂

  10. BriGuy says:

    Wally has a” Now-that-I’m-dirty-I-better-give-Osborne-a-bear-hug-look” on his face.

    Since Wally is Mr. SuperBelly, I wonder if Osborne could use Wall’s stomach as a trampoline

  11. S. Dolphin says:

    Ha funny

  12. bigd-wadefan says:

    i dont get but lol

  13. bigd-wadefan says:

    oops i mean i dont get it but lol

  14. Penguin Guru says:

    If the other hole became the bathroom how are they even gonna get to it now if they have to do some busines?

  15. Rolo says:

    Anonymous – Perry Bible Fellowship ftw 😀

    Maybe this is the event that’ll change their lives – all their future exploits will take place down a hole? :S

  16. Hey everyone!
    I thought people would like some polar bear facts so I became Emy the Polar Bear Lover! I’ll post 1 fact on polar bears every day just like Hannah. So here’s the first fact:

    The scientific name for the polar bear is Ursus maritimus, which means ‘Sea Bear’ in the Greek language.

    I hope you enjoy my facts!

  17. Dorlaem says:

    go emy, we need the facts :p
    osborne is going mad? :p

  18. Jai Inder Singh says:

    I have no need of FACTS! I have no needs except food, water, shelter. But they are nice.

  19. Penguin Guru says:

    I agree Dorlaem, The facts are very nice. I hope Hannah dosn’t start to think Emy is copieing her though. That would be bad because Emy is my sister!

  20. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    Hannah shouldnt get mad… its not like emy’s impersonating her or stealing her facts… she’s created her own….besides if she does think shes copying her then Hannah just remember “copying someone is the greatest form of flattery.”

  21. Phizlo says:

    I thought Hannah’s cousin, Alexis, was doing the polar bear facts.

  22. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    Ohhh thats right…. i forgot about that…. but when has her last polar post been?
    An underground city…. wouldnt that be neat, but too much digging… definatly too much digging.

  23. hi people
    and Emy its cool that you’re doing polar facts since my cousin 😛
    been lying down on the job…
    and yeah just_another_penguin_lover its not like she’s
    Imposter Hannah.
    well heres my penguin fact:

    Chinstrap penguins are sometimes called “Stone Cracker penguins” because
    of their high pitched call. 😀

    oh, and now my website link thing is Happy Feet!!!!
    and if you go to the Happy Feet website, the
    click “enter the flash site” because its cooler. 😎

  24. oops on my last comment i mean theN click enter the flash site not
    the click enter the flash site. sorry.

  25. Hi everyone!
    I’m flattered that you like my idea of polar bear facts. Here’s the fact for today!

    Male polar bears generally weigh between 770 to 1500 pounds. Females usually weigh from 330 to 720 lbs.

    And it’s true, I’m Penguin Guru’s sister. Nice comic Tyler! I’ll also answer any questions of you guys. See ya!

  26. axis says:

    if only he had a ladder

  27. ostrich girl says:

    boy i know how Osborne feels. at times like these with my sisters, i gotta wonder what the heck did i do wrong to deserve this

  28. Red Baron says:

    hey guys no pengins were hurt in tha tidal wave just seals and lepord seal….though one pengin was injured a little

  29. Red Baron says:

    srry i ment no pengins were died

  30. Red Baron says:

    srry i ment no pengins died

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