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: Rock House Reviews
Sep 12, 2006

Yes, the reviews are in. Two thumbs down for the Adelie house. Not all backsides are particular to the comfort of a rock pile.

Global Warming Funtime

Well, I’ve been skipping the topic for a while, but it continues to flood world news, here’s an update on the latest in global warming reports for those of you watching the world.

  • “Man-made global warming is changing the outlook for plants and trees worldwide” – BBC.
  • “Study ties warming to intense hurricanes” – Associated Press.
  • “Humans affect sea warming in hurricane zones” – Reuters.
  • “UN Climate Chief Praises Warming Actions… though ‘the US’ still rejects an international treaty ratified by most other industrial countries” – ABC News.
  • “Pollution bill aimed at California” – Associated Press.
  • “Global warming is causing Siberian lakes to bubble methane… supercharging global warming” – National Geographic and Associated Press.
  • “‘Schwarzenator’ vs. Bush: Global Warming Debate Heats Up” – ABC News (Man, Arnold could totally take George).
  • We saved the ozone, but now we have warming to deal with. This article talks about how disaster may have been avoided when the hole in the ozone was discovered and non-CFC ozone safe products began to be used… ABC News. This article talks about how those ozone safe products are now causing global warming… ABC News.


  1. BriGuy says:

    It’s almost sad, yes they have a “mansion” when everyone else has “houses” but after all that work the house is a flop. Who knows, maybe Osborne will make a comfy fortress out of the uncomfy “hill”.

  2. Airtra says:

    I love this comic! It’s really great. It’s cool that you do the section on global warming, but what about the other issues that are out there, like global cooling and such? What do you think about those?

  3. Canadian Mooseman says:


  4. Cat says:

    They should totally give some rocks to the little cross-eyed penguin, to make up for stealing.
    So say I.

  5. Jai Inder says:

    Like I said you have to build it around you, you boobuses! Get your asses off that pile of rocks and turn it into a rock fort! WAAAAAHHH! I wanted a penguin army. Yeah ok I not that obsessed. THe bottom comments were hilarious. I laughed out loud. Way to go.

  6. LlamaHomefry says:

    This is a good webcomic… I had a feeling the house wouldn’t last. It’s not exactly for a polar bear.

    And as for global warming, what intense hurricanes? Compared to last year they’re minor! Global warming is a scam… it’s just an excuse for the environmentalist freaks to get heard… by making stuff up. All a warm summer means is usually a cold winter. The Earth isn’t a planet that just takes whatever comes to it. It has shown us in the past that it can be resilient. I’m sure the Earth goes through cycles of heat and cool.

    Plus, the 1930s experiences worst heat and stuff then than now… yet they weren’t spouting “GLOBAL WARMING! OMG!!!”

    Good comic… don’t care so much about the politics. I think they should be separated unless it really tributes to the comic.

  7. Jai Inder says:

    also, if you want to see the real scoop, listen to Al Gore. More accurately, watch him in An Inconvenient Truth. You won’t get how serious global warming is, until you see this movie. Or at least I didn’t. It scared be out of my brain, but really it served as a call to arms. After that you won’t be talking about global cooling as an issue but more as a blessing in disguise. Global cooling, pfft. Get outta here.

  8. Jai Inder says:

    The person above is making uninformed assumptions. Al Gore, an “environmentalist freak” has scientific fact backing him up, unlike Mr. Llama here.

  9. S. Dolphin says:

    LOL hahahahahaha

  10. Justin says:

    Haha that was great, “Yeah This Blows I’m Outta Here.” That was good, really good, brang a tear to my eye, so does global warming the fact that most people think it just messes up like sea levels the polar ice caps is extremly wrong the hurricane increase I personally think is cause of our neglact to respond to the ideas of other countrys for our larger manufactures to cut down on Co2 emissons while eastern countries have.

  11. Joepro says:

    I agree with LamaHomfry, the earth has suvived a lot in the past. Nice Comic

  12. Phill says:

    Heh, wealth can’t buy happiness. Not even in the form of a big pile of rocks. I just read the last two comics, and now I have ‘We Built This City’ in my head, but only those 2 lines over and over. 🙁

    On the global warming note, I think Llama is exaggerating a bit, but I fit into the ‘don’t care’ category too. I figure between gigantic asteroids hurtling out of the sky, the depletion of fossil fuels and impending nuclear war, climate change doesn’t stand a chance.

  13. io says:

    in the 1300 it was getting hotter,forget global wsarming.its just something scientists made up so they could be popula
    anyway,great comic!

  14. Bandman says:

    Give up the big pile? Well, it is not like W&O are going to be doing any egg laying, so, let the others have the rocks. I would like to see a cool fort too.

    As for the politics, let’s not use the webcomic as a doorway to nasty comments. There are lots of good points made by both sides. Might as well discuss evolution vs. creation/intelligent design.

    And Al Gore? phhht…

  15. Abel says:

    great comic

    but our climate problem isn’t made up if you ever saw a picture of mexico city people can’t even walk normally there becauce of the smog. it is not hard to proof the greenhouse effect. in holland (i live there) we had one of the hottest summers in history. and after that it rained for a month or so (…). the greenhouse effects are more like a greenhouse project …

  16. Rolo says:

    I cannot BELIEVE LlamaHomefry, or the people agreeing with him. The world is dying, you morons…

    But at least we can laugh as we go down, with comics like this here for us.

  17. Persephone says:

    Hey tyler, whens the book comin out? Awesome comix LOL!

  18. Joepro says:

    Shut-up Rolo. The dinosaurs died out and life still survived

  19. Jesse says:

    Go get some gravel. it’ll make it feel better.

  20. Shrew says:


    Yes, once humans are killed off by the effects of global warming, I’m sure the planet will *eventually* bounce back.

    …but of course by then we’ll all be extinct. Whose point are you trying to prove? 😛

  21. Jai Inder says:

    THis don’t care attitude is what is going to kill the earth in 40 years. Have fun kids! 🙂

  22. Roi says:

    I thought that they’d sit on that mound of rocks until they were eventually all stolen. I wonder if Wally can even safely get down from there? He must have had some way of getting up.

  23. BriGuy says:

    Cat is right, Wally and Osborne should take some rocks to the scrawny penguin. 🙄

  24. Phizlo says:

    Global Warming is horrible. Soon the world will burn up and will be nothing but a pile of ashes, unless someone does something about it.

  25. Bandman says:

    Michael Crichton wrote an excellent book dealing with the “crisis” of global warming. Here is the link to the site
    Read the book for an eye-opening account of what is going on, and what is not going on.

  26. Canadian Mooseman says:

    so much for their mansion

  27. io says:

    no new comic 😥

  28. ostrich girl says:

    kind of reminds me of my sisters. they’ll spend all day fighting about something stupid like a sticker and when finally my mom comes in and breaks it up by giving the other one a sticker too, they look at the sticker, thow it aside, and say “this isn’t fun no more” and i’m like, standing there thinking “what the #@!????” (yeah, my family is weird. my sisters think it’s stupid animals fight for for, girls, and land)

  29. ostrich girl says:


  30. Mysterygal says:

    My lil’ sisters are messed up also.

  31. John says:

    The latest article on global warming:

    This stuff is alllll over the media at the moment.

  32. ThatAsianDude says:

    You know, why not just gyp the little penguins and their rock store? Wally and Osborne Rock Emporium… aka: beat the little turds at their own game!

  33. io says:

    tes,G.W. is ALLLLLLLLLLLLL over news.

  34. Sheena says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS ROCKS (pun intented)! This is soooooo funny! Although Tyler could have used my suggestion in the previous comic… and to add to that, make a rock blimp to go with the football field. It could start a new weekly story on how Wally and Osbourne learn to pllay football, even though the penguin who kept on belly-bopping and beating up OsboUrne shouldn’t play. 😀

  35. bigd-wadefan says:

    Ya Ya!

  36. Myrddin Emrys says:

    LlamaHomefry is an idiot. Joepro doesn’t strike me as being especially bright either, though he is correct that the planet Earth will survive. The question is, will we? Or, as George Carlin once suggested, will the planet shake us off like a bad cold? :-/

  37. Poppy says:

    HEY the house next to my house is called Rock House!

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