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: Rock House Reviews
Sep 12, 2006

Yes, the reviews are in. Two thumbs down for the Adelie house. Not all backsides are particular to the comfort of a rock pile.

Global Warming Funtime

Well, I’ve been skipping the topic for a while, but it continues to flood world news, here’s an update on the latest in global warming reports for those of you watching the world.

  • “Man-made global warming is changing the outlook for plants and trees worldwide” – BBC.
  • “Study ties warming to intense hurricanes” – Associated Press.
  • “Humans affect sea warming in hurricane zones” – Reuters.
  • “UN Climate Chief Praises Warming Actions… though ‘the US’ still rejects an international treaty ratified by most other industrial countries” – ABC News.
  • “Pollution bill aimed at California” – Associated Press.
  • “Global warming is causing Siberian lakes to bubble methane… supercharging global warming” – National Geographic and Associated Press.
  • “‘Schwarzenator’ vs. Bush: Global Warming Debate Heats Up” – ABC News (Man, Arnold could totally take George).
  • We saved the ozone, but now we have warming to deal with. This article talks about how disaster may have been avoided when the hole in the ozone was discovered and non-CFC ozone safe products began to be used… ABC News. This article talks about how those ozone safe products are now causing global warming… ABC News.