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: Quest For the Beak: Part VI
May 29, 2007

Yet another installment of the beak saga. We reach the climactic battle scene. I originally envisioned drawing the battle out over two pages and just having it be ridiculous. But in order to keep the pacing, one good penguin belly bop by Superwally does the trick. I mean, it was just a bird, an old decrepit bird.

The original art for this page is available for purchase here.

Just a couple more installments in this series and we’ll be back to regular updates. I’ve been having some fun writing a bunch of new comics.


  1. BriGuy says:

    Steve-o I will be excited about your trip. I just recently went to Washington DC and I think you will have a lot of fun.

    Just a few more comics then Osborne gets his beak back! 😛

    And unless someone posts a comment before I post this one…

    100 COMENTS!!!! ❗

  2. I also went to washington D.C., nobody cared though 🙁 . And also, they won’t make a movie sequel to Eragon, it sold too well, they only make sequels if they need more money.

  3. And also, i didn’t yell at people to be exited about MY trip.

  4. Phizlo says:

    Surf’s Up the Movie comes out today, June 8th!!! 😀 It’s about penguins that surf!! GO WATCH IT NOW!!! :mrgreen:

  5. Dragonlord says:

    :mrgreen: 😐 😈 ➡ 😯 🙂 😕 😎 👿 😀 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 😡 🙁 ❗ ❓ I love these.Oh and the king bird looked a lot bigger in the other comic.

  6. steve-o says:

    yay…you guys are the best…yay. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 🙂 🙂 🙂 :mrgreen: 😀 😀 😀 😉 😉 😉 thanks…

  7. Surf’s Up? Yeah, it looks good, but i have doubts. If it’s anything like happy feet, I won’t like it. And if it has a cheesy moral,then i won’t like it.

  8. SilverPearl says:

    did anyone pick up on the gladiator by russel crowe reference “are you not entertained?”

  9. Diana says:

    😮 😥 😆 😡 🙁 ❗ ❓ 😳 💡 :mrgreen: 😐 😈 ➡ 😯 😕 🙂 😕 😎 👿 😀 💡 😳 😛 🙄 😉 THIS IS THE BEST COMIC EVER! 🙂

  10. Poppy says:

    Phizlo! 😮 :mrgreen:

  11. Simply an iguana says:

    “Oh you haven’t even SEEN weird yet mister!”

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