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: Pondering Physics
Sep 26, 2006

I remember jokes about going through the earth to the other side in China when I was a kid. I didn’t take into account getting burned up by the core but I figured at some point in the middle the gravity would shift. Like the opposite of working your way to the center of a merry-go-round. Do any playgrounds still have those?

This particular strip is an amazing artistic feat as absolutely no characters from the comic actually appear in it. You are impressed are you not? πŸ˜€


  1. Mikko says:

    They should be careful though. Who knows, maybe they will fall straight into the sky o_o

  2. Martinus says:

    Yes, we all like this kind of antarctic minimalism… πŸ˜‰

  3. Kevin says:

    I always thought it amazing that no matter where you lived on the planet, digging through the Earth would always inevitably lead to you emerging from the hole in China.

  4. Phill says:

    Of Course! The Sky! I didn’t think of that! 😯

  5. Dorlaem says:

    maybe they need a bungee-rope, so they bounce back πŸ˜†
    btw, hi hannah, long time no fact ^^

  6. Lee says:

    Actually the gravity would reduce as you approached the centre because there’d be an increasing amount of mass pulling on you from above, and a decreasing amount below.

    I seem to recall that we did this as an exercise in class once and came to the conclusion that if you were to dig straight through the Earth the gravitational force acting upon you would reduce in a linear fashion until you reached zero gravity at the centre (where the gravity of the Earth would be completely surrounding you and therefore pulling in all directions).

  7. Mysterygal says:

    Whoa. 0.0

  8. Jesse says:

    they’d never get to the north pole. Even if they weren’t burned up, gravity would keep them in the center of the earth.

  9. Ahh junior physicists, what fun. For arguments sake, the entire earth is made of moderate temperature top soil. Gravity-wise, if they dug straight down until they were weightless at the center, any direction they tried to go from there would be straight up. WeÒ€ℒre also assuming they are just piling the dirt up behind them, sealing the hole. An alternate plan would be to dig down to 50,000 feet or so, and then dig level in a straight line. As long as the line was straight and level, some 12,435 miles later they would be 50,000 feet under the north pole. They could angle up at a 30 degree angle for the last 16 miles and pop right out. A longer but possibly less arduous route.

  10. Hey people! Here’s your daily penguin fact.

    Chinstrap penguins are the most common penguins. They are the boldest penguin and are most likely to fight other penguins. They have a high pitched call. Both parents take care of the eggs.

    Nice comic Tyler!

  11. A.C says:

    Minimalist? Nah, any fool can see, it’s just End-Of-The-Week-Lazy-Artist-Slacker-Syndrome! :p


    Trouble with getting OTRC via RSS is that you miss out on the message-posting πŸ™ Have to start viewing on the site again…

  12. I want to tell every body that I am sorry and ever scince I did it every body has started and I’m sorry I did that. You guys dicide wether I should come back or what. But I’m realy sorry too Hannah, she is much smarter than me, but I thought I could take advantage and push her out, but that was stupid. I also want to apologize to Tyler, because I stole his I.D. too just to spice it up. So if both of you will just leave a comment telling me if I can continue to post or not and I will respect your decision and do what you say is right.

    When I said I had a secret I.D., I really do, You know him as “Penguin Lover”. So every time you read his comment you read mine. You might also notice “Joepro” and “Penguin Lover” comments were always next to each other. So “Penguin Lover” will stop posting comments now, so the name is free for anyone who wants it.

  13. BriGuy says:

    Wow! That was some intense thinking for Wally. I didn’t know his mind could comprehend such complicated thoughts (well complicated for Wally at least). 😯

  14. Phizlo says:

    Wally is not insane. It’s Osborne that’s insane. You have to believe something!!!

  15. MrChocobos says:



  16. S.Dolphin the Dolphin Lover (and Penguin)!!! says:

    Ha thought I might put a long name for once like Hannah

    Great comic Tyler!

  17. S.Dolphin the Dolphin Lover (and Penguin)!!! says:

    BTW i remember somethig about a penguin site but i dont remember the site. can someone help me here is it or something else…….

  18. iohop says:

    you are thinking of club penguin.yes,i love that game!

  19. Joepro says:

    Yeah, iohop is right. It’s Club Penguin You’re probably thinking about.

  20. Jai Inder Singh says:

    Hola, mis nin(HIO-HEE!)itos! Today we see that Tyler, while being still awesome and funny, has attempted to interchange the aspects relating his comic to the post-h…ok good comic, even if it is lacking in Characters. There seems to be a little confusion as far as who is crazy and who is not. I would definitely take the middle ground and say… … …


  21. Joepro says:

    Good thinking Jai Inder Singh. BTW, Is the “Singh” at the end of your name new, or have I over looked it?

  22. 111111(cut) says:

    good comic

  23. hey people
    i wish u would stop pretending to be me, i know im so smart
    and cool but get over it and be yourself.
    here’s my REAL penguin fact:

    the Royal penguin is the largest of the crested penguins. πŸ˜€

    and Joepro: ur stupid and making everything all crazy and making me mad.
    stop pretending to be me.
    oh and PS-i always thought Penguin Lover was weird and at first I thought
    Penguin Lover was Imposter Hannah. I guess I was kinda right! πŸ˜‰
    well byebye.

  24. Lee says:

    11111 etc’s name is too long – it’s broken the page formating.

  25. axis says:

    yes he is…..

  26. Ace says:

    They don`t know how hot the core.Osbourne would look like thanksgiving diner after going to the core.

  27. ostrich girl says:

    Boy i was sucked in months ago

  28. says:

    Yeah , Osbourne , you and Wally are both done for , otherwise you’ll be penguin roast , and Wally will be … either Wally roast(yum!) or polar … no … core bear roast . 0_0

  29. natasha says:

    taylor your comic is so good you should make more. and other people should make comics too.

    peace out

  30. steve-o says:

    actually no they’d be right side up when they get to the north pole because theres no up or down in space so if you’re on the south pole you’re still right side up. something I could never understand, why are not upside down on the south pole. but thats what my science teacher said …I must believe him

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