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: Polar Bear Training: Diet Protein Bars
Mar 23, 2006

I’ve had a few “meal replacement” type bars myself here or there. They didn’t actual replace a meal though, more like a snack, and then I had an entire meal on top of it. So it’s like getting two meals and definitely had nothing to do with dieting for me.

I’m feeling much better now after recovering from a nice little stomach bug. Friday’s comic will be a bit late on Friday, so check back or check over the weekend. Or get two shiny new comics on Monday at which time the schedule should be back to normal… early morning updates Monday-Friday.

Final Thoughts On Art Style

I think I just needed a couple days to stretch my pens, and recover from a big project. I still think I’ll keep the more hand done technique for the sidestories and such, but the original Wally & Osbourne style is just too Wally & Osbourne to change it so drastically at this point. I’ll probably continue to experiment here and there but less drastically. I want to play with my vector technique a bit more. Maybe doing more freehand drawing in it. Maybe look into getting a tablet PC, it’s nice to see your lines appear where you are actually drawing them.

So if you like the original way, it’s still here for you, and I’ll continue to make it better here and there, and if you like the artsy style I was playing with, Wally & Osbourne adventures that fit that style will eventually be available too. My wife suggested I use that background style for the Travel Ad comics, which I thought was a good idea. Due for more of them anyway.

Also I could occasionally use the hand drawn or more detailed style for Ren & Stimpy type extreme closeups or scenes that would fit it. The mutant checkers extreme closeup scene was actually hand inked.

Okay, so maybe Wally is drawn in kind of a new style today…