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: Outhouse
Feb 3, 2006

The question here is whether or not Obourne knew what was in there.

I can’t imagine living back in the day and only having outhouses to use. They didn’t have the strong scented odor detergents we have in portable toilets today… which are still no treat. I’ve read that before toilet paper rolls were invented they started with a handfull of leaves, and eventually moved up to pages torn out of mail order catalogs. Wow, let’s just stop there…

I was also curious where the moon symbol often associated with outhouses came from. Obviously it’s there to let light in and can provide ventilation. It’s placed high enough for some privacy, but why a moon? Apparently the moon is an ancient symbol for womanhood, and the sun for manhood. Speculation suggests that at one point there were separate outhouses for both men and women, represented by the symbol on the door… and that the men’s were not kept up as well, to the point of no longer being useable. So then both men and women would use the women’s and eventually the men’s outhouses were no longer around.

They do use outhouses in Antarctica, at their temporary research base camps and stuff, they are a lot more modern than the one shown in the comic. Although some of these oldschool ones still stand at the old stations there.

At any rate… I love my indoor plumbing and quilted bath tissue!

Oh… and have a great weekend!