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: More Cloudgazing
Jan 27, 2006

Cloudgazing is just so fun there had to be more of it. Wally will get it eventually. He’s kind of a slow learner.

In air, penguins are actually somewhat near-sighted. Their vision is really streamlined for underwater use including a flat cornea which helps just that. Apparently they can see colors, they are sensitive to violet, blue and green light, in fact they can see into the ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Polar bear’s vision is very similar to humans. Like many animals, they both have a nictitating membrane, which is like a clear third eyelid, you have one too but it’s permanently folded and pink in the corner of your eye. It helps protect the penguin’s eyes from injury and for polar bears it is thought to filter out ultraviolet light and help reduce snow blindness.

…And on that note, I’m going to give my eye’s a rest from looking at the computer screen and go put them to use watching Lost. I recorded it Wednesday night and am just now getting around to watching it. So exciting, heh. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!